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Mina Kimes joins GoJo and Golic to talk Dak and Dallas, plus Jared Goff’s struggles

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. welcome the ESPN football analyst for all sorts of gridiron talk.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN NFL analyst and longtime friend of the show Mina Kimes joined GoJo and Golic on Thursday to discuss the Cowboys and Dak Prescott’s MVP candidacy, Jared Goff’s sudden struggles and more.

Dak Prescott currently has +150 odds to win the MVP on DraftKings Sportsbook and part of that is due to the way Mike McCarthy has run the Dallas offense. Mina says she has been impressed with the playcalling out of McCarthy this year, which was something she was justifiably dubious about going into the season. But Mina says that he has dramatically surpassed her expectations and he has set up Dak to have a fantastic season and allowed for the offense to evolve throughout the season. And she wants to give him a little praise for his game management of late, notably in the big win over the Eagles, because if he hadn’t done well with those timeouts we would be clowning him for it. So she thinks McCarthy deserves a lot of credit for the Cowboys’ success.

Senior agrees that McCarthy is mixing it up much more and has done well moving around CeeDee Lamb. Senior likes the playcalling and that has Dak playing well, seemingly making better decisions and reducing turnovers. It doesn’t feel like he’s trying to drill it through people anymore and he seems to be as comfortable as ever out there.

Mina says that she likes that Dak is still willing to throw in tight windows, noting that she was afraid he might be reticent after last season even as she agrees with Senior that there are certain balls that Dak is not forcing anymore. But the fact that he’s still been fairly aggressive throwing the ball downfield, especially in between the numbers, is something she’s been happy to see. She thinks the reduction in turnovers also has to do with the personnel. Specifically, she highlights the post pass to Brandin Cooks in the Philly game, asking who on the team last year would have been able to catch that ball. She said it felt like defenses could just key in on Lamb and nobody else was getting separation. So yes, she feels like Dak is having an MVP-caliber season and everything is clicking right now for the Dallas offense.

Staying in the NFC, GoJo notes that he was struck by Jared Goff this past week and how shaky he looked in a loss to the Bears. He wants to know: Are we getting to the point where the Lions might begin to have some existential questions at quarterback?

Mina asks the Golics to guess with Goff’s QBR is when pressured. The answer? It’s 1.3, good for worst in the league. For comparison, Dak sits at 75, which is the best in the league. Mina says Goff has always struggled when pressured, it’s who he is as a quarterback. Mina says going into the season she wasn’t that worried because of the Lions’ offensive line and scheme, but the line has struggled a bit, especially on passing downs. When things aren’t going well she says you’re seeing a lot of bad Goff and she does think it raises questions not just about the Lions’ ceiling this season but also moving forward. She says it seemed at one point that a Goff extension in Detroit was a foregone conclusion but Mina doesn’t think that is the case anymore. In fact, if she were a Lions fan, Mina says she would NOT advocate for a Goff extension.

Senior moves the conversation over to the AFC, wondering if the Steelers fall out of the playoff race, who could replace them — the Broncos or the BIlls? Mina notes that the Bills have the harder schedule, so it may be the Broncos simply because of the competition. The Bills are a better team, but the Broncos have a lot of winnable games remaining on their schedule. She also thinks the Broncos deserve a ton of credit for their turnaround this season. When she was digging into the numbers while working on a breakdown on her YouTube channel of how the Broncos have turned things around, she was struck by how a lot of it was because of personnel changes. Coupled with turnovers and some solid conversation play from Russell Wilson — as she told Dan Le Batard, it’s the era of Let Russ Snack — and the Broncos have been playing good complementary football, even if it hasn’t been sexy.

Given some of the struggles at the top of the conference, GoJo wants to know if this is the year for the Ravens and how big is the gap between them and the rest of the conference. She says it’s not that big, and they’re flawed with an inconsistent offense. Defensively, they also struggled a bit against an underrated Rams offense. But when you look around the AFC, the Ravens do look like the most complete team in the conference to Mina. With a potential Super Bowl preview against the 49ers looming on Christmas.

Meanwhile, the Golics also did their usual Thursday Night Football preview and once again it’s a matchup for the ages!


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