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Has the decision already been made to show Bill Belichick the door in New England?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. discuss rumors that Robert Kraft has already decided to part ways with the future Hall of Fame coach.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

There have been reports that Bill Belichick’s fate is already sealed in New England, so Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. had to weigh in on Wednesday’s GoJo and Golic.

NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran has reported that after the loss to the Colts in Germany, a decision was made that at the end of the season, the Patriots would part ways with Bill Belichick.

Emerson has a conspiracy theory in mind, however. Knowing that he’s gone at the end of the season no matter what, could Bill Belichick stick it to Robert Kraft and the Patriots by going all out in the final four games to wreck the team’s positioning in the NFL Draft?

GoJo notes that he joked last week that the funniest thing that could happen is for the Patriots to win out. More seriously, GoJo says he’s not surprised to learn that the die may have already been cast when it comes to Belichick’s future in New England. He harkens back to Jimbo Fisher’s dismissal at Texas A&M after a big win and perhaps some fear of backlash if the team finished strong. However, the timing does feel curious to GoJo.

Senior does want to go back a second and pump the breaks on Emerson’s conspiracy theory.

In a nutshell, the Pats stink!

Even if Belichick suddenly came out energized, ripping his shirt and giving roaring halftime speeches, Senior has been in NFL locker rooms and thus he knows bad teams when he sees them (hell, he points out that he was ON some bad football teams during his career). It doesn’t matter who’s walking through that door, bad is bad.

Emerson isn’t swayed though, noting it’s Zappe Hour in New England and proclaiming that in his humble, professional opinion the Patriots will win two of their final four games this season. Senior has a question for GoJo — Higher percentage: Pats win two games or lose all four?

“Oh, they lose all four,” says GoJo. Sorry, Emerson, you’re on an island with your Patriots optimism, even if they’re all, as you put it, “frauds.” As Senior points out, I guess that makes the 3-10 Pats for real, lol. But then again, as Emerson says, when a bad team (New England) takes on a fraud team, anything can happen!

GoJo notes that if this report is accurate not only will the Patriots be in the market for a new head coach next season, but also a new GM since Belichick has been filling both roles for some time now. When it comes to the next head coach, could the successor already be in house? If so, that person isn’t campaigning for the job ... yet.

GoJo says it seems like the original plan may have been to hold onto Belichick for a few more years, allow him to best Don Shula for most all-time wins while also allowing Mayo to be something of an apprentice, but it appears as though Belichick achieving that wins goal will not happen in New England. So who benefits from this information leaking out there? GoJo says that it certainly looks like the Patriots organization wants to let fans feeling a little angsty know that a change is coming.

Senior thinks Mayo would be a great choice, but would also find it interesting as Mayo has only really been immersed in the Belichick Way — as both a player and a coach — and we’ve seen recently that unless your last name is Belichick and you have the rings, the Belichick Way doesn’t really work. He came up under that system, but Senior points out that he’s also a different, younger person. So it will be interesting to see what direction the team would go. And as for Bill, the question becomes where does he go next because it seems like he definitely wants to break Shula’s wins record. And what team(s) will go after him?

Meanwhile. yesterday we celebrated Mike Golic Sr.’s 61st birthday, but today was an even BIGGER birthday for GoJo ... Taylor Swift!


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