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GoJo and Golic preview Monday Night Football: What can the Bears learn about Justin Fields vs. Vikings’ defense?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. preview tonight’s Bears-Vikings matchup on Monday Night Football.

It’s Monday and you know what that means — another Monday Night Football preview with Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr.!

The Vikings take on the Bears tonight, but will do so without Justin Jefferson who has gone as far as deleting his social media accounts to avoid fans coming at him for ruining their fantasy seasons.

GoJo says getting off social media was probably the right move by Jefferson considering how toxic things have gotten online. He says he’s empathetic to the modern athlete as even when he was playing you didn’t have as much access to athletes as exists today. He says even if you do your best to avoid it, the poison of social media still drips in. GoJo notes that even for a guy like Jefferson, who has every reason to be supremely confident based on his performance and ability, you can see the online criticism is wearing on him. So he appreciates the fact that Jefferson decided that not only his physical health, but also his mental health took precedence.

Senior also points out that prior to last week the Vikings had been on a five-game winning streak! He thinks that Jefferson is 100 percent doing the absolute right thing. He says that hamstring has to be gold before he steps back onto the field or all he’s doing is risking re-injury. Just think of how much better the Vikings will be when he’s fully healthy and coming back, Senior says!

Moving on to tonight’s game, the Vikings are three-point favorites on DraftKings Sportsbook against the Bears and GoJo expects the Vikings’ offense to keep producing against this Chicago defense. The thing that is interesting to him is this Minnesota defense and all the pressure it brings as the second test back for Justin Fields since his return from injury. GoJo says Fields looked pretty good in his return last week, especially as a rusher, as the Bears did a bunch of things people have been asking them to do for a long time with Fields and he’s excited to see it against the pressure cooker of the Vikings’ defense. He says it will test Fields’ ability to problem solve, which is important since the Bears are in information-gathering mode for the rest of the season as they decide what they’re going to do with the draft pick near the top of the draft they’ll receive from the woeful Panthers, who fired head coach Frank Reich on Monday. (Make sure to check out Senior’s reaction to that move).

Senior says the fact that Minnesota has 10 one-score games blows his mind. He says this is a monster game for the Vikings as they’re in the playoffs at the moment as a Wild Card along with Dallas. As for Bears, Senior has a feeling that there is a clean sweep decision to be made with QB-coach-GM in Chicago — he doesn’t think there is really room for an in-between, either they all stay or perhaps they all end up moving on. He says a new decision-maker would potentially want to start fresh with their own quarterback. It’s just his thought on how business is done, not that he necessarily agrees with how business is done in the NFL right now as he feels like changes are being made too quick (which even came before the Reich news).

GoJo wonders if Ryan Poles could wind up surviving because Fields wasn’t his draft pick and if he can sell ownership on the idea of him bringing in his guy at the position with one of their top picks to buy some time for himself.

Meanwhile, GoJo lamented a missed opportunity to take the Thanksgiving halftime festivities HIGHER ...


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