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GoJo and Golic Black Friday NFL Preview: Can the Jets gum up the works vs. Miami?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. share their thoughts on Aaron Rodgers and the Jets heading into their AFC East matchup on Black Friday vs. the Dolphins.

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time, the NFL is scheduling a game on Black Friday and it will be the Dolphins taking on the Jets on Amazon Prime! Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. shared their thoughts on this AFC East matchup!

When speaking about the Jets, you have to start with Aaron Rodgers. The latest is Rodgers says he wants to be back on the practice field in TWO WEEKS!

Rodgers also expressed that he felt some “personal guilt” for what has happened to the now-benched Zach Wilson in the aftermath of Rodgers’ Week 1 injury.

GoJo says despite Rodgers wanting to get back on the field and doing what he can to make it happen, it still feels like a long shot at this point, especially considering where the Jets are in the standings. GoJo also hopes that Rodgers is feeling bad for the rest of the team as well, because while it has been tough for Zach Wilson imagine being Garrett Wilson looking at one of the prime years of your career going down the drain.

Senior says he understands where Aaron is coming from, where as a player who is rehabbing an injury you want to give yourself a goal to go after because it’s a lonely time. You want to have that marker, and with guys like Aaron, sometimes those markers become very public. So it becomes not only about a goal but also pride. Senior says in all honesty this Jets team is not a playoff team and to him the Jets are still Rodgers’ employer and have to say to Rodgers that they can’t let him go back out on the field this season. Senior says to think that there won’t be another defensive lineman that’s hitting Rodgers even if he came back for just one series is ridiculous. He’s going to have to move, to run, why would you put yourself in that position? So Senior thinks there could be a little bit of headbutting between the team and its star QB.

As far as Friday’s matchup goes, GoJo says everything skews in favor of the Dolphins, who are 10-point favorites on DraftKings Sportsbook. However, there is a part of him that wonders if the Jets' defense can keep things within the spread because they do all the things that bother the Dolphins’ offense. GoJo says the Jets have the bodies to go up against the banged-up Miami offensive line and at least gum up the wheels a bit to keep this a low-scoring slog even if the Dolphins will still eventually win.

Senior says, however, to hold that consistency series in and series out is very difficult to do and can get away from you. And if it starts to get away from you, you start to get the feeling that you can’t come back from any deficit because the defense has no confidence in the offense. And then comes that far-away look on the sidelines.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and make sure to check out a Best Of GoJo and Golic episode on Friday from 8-10 a.m. ET on DraftKings Network!


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