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Jared Carrabis joins GoJo and Golic to preview the MLB postseason: Can the Braves finish the story?

The Baseball Is Dead podcast host joins Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to take a look at the key storylines heading into October baseball.

The MLB postseason gets underway on Tuesday and Jared Carrabis joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk some baseball on Tuesday’s edition of GoJo and Golic.

GoJo started by asking Jared if got some solace from postseason baseball after another disappointing Red Sox season. Jared admits that yeah he does, although he noted that he’s probably in the minority as he definitely thinks about 98 percent of Red Sox fans are so bitter about the way the past two seasons have gone and thus there is not a ton of enthusiasm for postseason baseball in Beantown. Senior feels so bad for Boston sports fans, only having had about 15 or so championship parades of late. Hard times, baby.

Senior wanted to know Jared’s key headlines going into the postseason. For Jared, the No. 1 storyline is going to be whether the Braves can finish the story, because they were basically the best team in baseball wire to wire with a historic offense and the likely NL MVP in Ronald Acuña Jr. However, it’s hard for Jared to forget that last year the Braves got sucker punched in the first round last year. He notes that the Braves won it all in 2021, but 2022 was sort of an embarrassment, so he is interested to see which end of the spectrum the Braves will wind up on this year.

GoJo asks Jared how big he thinks the gap is between the Braves and their next closest competitors. Jared says he doesn’t think it’s all that sizeable a gap between the Braves and the postseason-stalwart Dodgers. The Dodgers have Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman at the top of their lineup, whereas the Braves have a very lengthy lineup with no easy outs. He says he thinks the Braves have by far the best team, but then you look at the Dodgers and you forget that they’re the Dodgers and they’re the class of MLB and could be even better as they’re dealing with injuries in their rotation. So in his mind, it’s the Braves No. 1, the Dodgers No. 2 and if that ends up being the NLCS, that would be quite the showdown.

Switching over to the American League, Senior asks if Houston is Jared’s favorite to win the pennant there and if the Astros are still hated throughout the sport. Jared thinks they are, but he says it’s stupid and he got over it years ago. Of course, as a Pats fan he had to keep it 100.

Jared thinks Houston has a lot of flaws, so he doesn’t have them as the favorite to make it out of the American League. He thinks that every team in the American League has flaws, including the No. 1 seed Orioles. He says you could pick apart any of these American League teams. He imagines that the National League will be a heavy favorite to win the World Series — in fact, DraftKings Sportsbook has the Braves as +310 favorites to win it all, followed by the Dodgers and Astros at +450 — but what Houston has going for them is they have the postseason experience. There may be no heavy hitter coming out of the AL. but he says if there’s going to be a Cinderella story it’s going to be the Orioles.

Jared’s postseason prediction? It may be boring, but he’s going with the two No. 1 seeds. He thinks Atlanta gets there and he thinks Baltimore can overcome Houston if that’s the ALCS matchup, but he doesn’t think the Orioles have what it takes to overcome the Braves. He thinks it’s another title for Atlanta.

If you want more of Jared’s thoughts throughout the postseason, make sure to keep up with Baseball Is Dead. Jared, Dallas, Jayhay and Joey are ramping up their coverage for the playoffs and will actually be in Atlanta for the first two games of that series. Check out more on Baseball Is Dead’s postseason plans here.


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