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GoJo and Golic preview Monday Night Football: Can Brock Purdy bounce back?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. preview tonight’s 49ers-Vikings matchup on Monday Night Football.

It’s Monday and you know what that means — another Monday Night Football preview with Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr.!

The 49ers will look to rebound from their first loss of the season by taking on the 2-4 Vikings. Deebo Samuel and Justin Jefferson are both out for this one, and while Christian McCaffrey was initially questionable, he looks like he will be good to go.

GoJo says that after a week of people questioning Brock Purdy and how much of his success is due to his many offensive weapons, he finds himself in the position of being a Brock backer. He says he thinks we’ll see a pretty good game out of Brock as he walks into MNF with a full understanding of what his weapons will be on the field and being able to make a game plan with that knowledge in mind. Given that GoJo thinks that no coordinator/coach is as good at giving answers to his QB as Kyle Shanahan, he thinks this is a great opportunity for a Brock bounce-back game that resets the conversation back to a more normal place.

Senior points out that Brian Flores and the Vikings defense have sent five or more rushers on 60 percent of passing plays this year, good for No. 1 in the NFL. Senior says they’re bringing the house, being aggressive. Senior points out that sometimes you blitz and sometimes you give the allusion of the blitz in order to confuse. Senior says that when you face a defense that sends so much pressure at you, you have to remain incredibly disciplined as an offensive line.

GoJo points out that there are different ways to blitz. Sometimes, he says, teams will blitz from depth so as to disguise where the pressure will come from. Then there’s the Vikings, who he says will want to get up and force the issue with “All Up” looks. GoJo says that forces you to make a decision, either through playcall or protection. But, he says, to Senior’s point, you can only do so much with the information you have. And if things go wrong, GoJo says that’s the interesting thing about the answers Kyle Shanahan gives his players. GoJo points out that the 49ers are a great screen outfit and they’ve got so many players who can do so many different things that those are the things you do to try and take the teeth out of the blitz early on, because if a defense sees their blitz work a couple of times you’re going to keep seeing that over and over and they’re going to wear you out with it. So, GoJo says you need to find answers early from a play-calling standpoint to try and make things a little bit easier for yourself. And in the middle of all this football analysis, make sure to check out the marriage talk and GoJo’s life advice. Be wrong together, folks, at least in public.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more NFL reaction from Week 7, the Golics have you covered with another edition of Mike’d Up Monday.


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