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GoJo and Golic preview Week 4 Monday Night Football: Can the Seahawks keep up winning ways at MetLife?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. take a look at tonight’s Seahawks-Giants matchup.

After two straight weeks of Monda Night Football doubleheaders, Week 4 wraps up with (sadly) one lone game, Seahawks vs. Giants at MetLife Stadium. As Jessie Coffield notes, the Seahawks are surprisingly strong at MetLife, posting a 5-0 record, with three of those five wins coming against the Giants. The Seahawks also won Super Bowl XLVIII there. So how do Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. see tonight’s game playing out? They discussed that on Monday’s edition of GoJo and Golic.

GoJo says it’s hard to boil it down to just one thing in this one, but notes that play at the lines of scrimmage has been the issue this season for the Giants. getting beat up against the run on defense meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, GoJo notes that the Giants are getting ready to start their fourth different offensive line combination. He says the offensive line hasn’t been on the field enough to reach their potential.

Senior notes that he doesn’t think people understand the fact that the offensive line has to be the most cohesive unit on the field. The five guys have to work in unison, have to be able to work together without verbal communication at times. He says that being said, the Giants’ offense needs to be evenly paced, at least with Saquon Barkley hurting right now. Senior thinks it’s going to be tough for the Giants, and he’s still not sure if the Giants know who they are right now.

GoJo notes that the Giants were doomed for regression after their outstanding record in one-score games last season, similar to the Vikings. Unfortunately for the Giants, GoJo says, their problems seem a little more baked in, especially in light of the injuries.

On the Seattle side, the Seahawks came in with expectations based on last season’s strong performance behind Geno Smith after saying goodbye to Russell Wilson. However, they find themselves in an unforeseen fight thanks to a better-than-expected Rams squad and an Arizona squad, while clearly not a playoff contender, no pushover either. So Senior asks: Is Seattle, similar to the Giants, as good as we thought they were coming off last season? Can they make the next step in the progression and stay as the No. 2 team in that division?

Senior notes that it’s a little weird how well the Seahawks play at MetLife given the fact they’re going west to east, but since this is a Monday night game, that’s really not a factor. He says he believes the Seahawks are the better team going into this game, while with the Giants you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. GoJo says he thinks the expectations for the Giants have been downgraded somewhat, but he still counts on the offensive brain trust to get the most possible out of that unit. However, because there weren’t substantial acquisitions in the offseason and there are injuries involved, GoJo says the foundation is kind of cracked and they don’t do enough to add bells and whistles elsewhere for him to expect much from this team right now. Senior adds that the Giants probably aren’t good enough to overcome their injuries right now.

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