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Could Aaron Rodgers return this season?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. talk about the future Hall of Famer’s chances to return this season.

Aaron Rodgers was seen walking without crutches on the field before Sunday’s win vs. the Eagles, reigniting hopes from the Jets fanbase that he could potentially return this season from his Achilles injury. But what do Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. think? They discussed this topic and more on Wednesday’s GoJo and Golic.

Rodgers wouldn’t put a timetable on his return during his regular appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, but he did talk about the power of the mind and manifestation. So while he did pour some cold water on the idea of a return to the field this season, he also didn’t close the door entirely either. GoJo did appreciate that the people bringing up the notion of him returning before the end of season aren’t him. GoJo has no doubt that someone like Rodgers, with his makeup and desire to go out on his own terms, is attacking this rehab in a way that few other people are capable of. But, GoJo does say that everyone really should hold their horses on this idea of a comeback this season. And how does Senior feel? Not optimistic.

Senior talked about the period of despair after getting hurt, but then you start attacking rehab because you want to get back on the field. He’s not the first, nor the last who will go through this process. But Senior is right in saying that there is a timetable and important progress markers he needs to hit.

For a comparison, Senior brings up Cam Akers, who tore his Achilles in July 2021 and he returned to football-specific drills in November and then returned to practice in December. So miraculous recoveries are possible. Everybody is different, but you don’t know how your body is going to respond. Senior understands Aaron playing both sides a bit, and you do look at a Cam Akers and wonder if a 2023 return is possible. But, Senior points out that if you come back too early you run the risk of tearing the Achilles again and that would be brutal. Not to mention the fact that Rodgers is 39 years old and what impact that adds to the equation.

GoJo said another factor to monitor is how close this Jets team can get to a postseason appearance. GoJo says you do wonder if a player in the twilight of his career like Aaron Rodgers looks at the risk and considers whether he can get back to the postseason again and decides to take that risk because you can’t take for granted that a healthy Rodgers means a postseason appearance next season.

Senior agrees, but thinks the decision will be made for Rodgers. Even if you want to use Akers as a comp, Senior points out that it was five months before he even returned to practice. Do the math — Rodgers was injured in September, so a five-month recovery would lead to February. A reminder: the Super Bowl is February 11. So, while it’s a great goal and may help him get back healthy sooner, Senior just doesn’t think that even if the Jets make the playoffs Rodgers will be close enough to physically get back onto the field. GoJo agrees, Aaron Rodgers isn’t coming back and playing this season.


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