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Lomas Brown joins GoJo and Golic to talk Lions, Jared Goff and Dan Campbell

The Lions great joins Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to talk about the resurgence in the Motor City.

Lions great Lomas Brown joined Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. for an entertaining discussion about the Lions’ resurgence in the Motor City, why Jared Goff should get MVP consideration and Dan Campbell.

Lomas notes that Detroit’s rise under Dan Campbell has been faster than many expected. Lomas says Campbell has turned the whole culture around in Detroit, from top to bottom. And the fans are all bought in and Lomas says you can see how the fans are traveling, how they’re showing up and creating a home-field advantage. Lomas says there’s so much excitement around the team for the first time in years with fans expecting the team to win and the team itself expecting to win.

Lomas says that it’s been a long time and the fans have gone through a lot of heartache. He says this is the first staff from top to bottom which has really put its stamp on the organization. He thinks this is the first time Detroit has become a destination spot for free agents, wanting to come and play for Dan Campbell rather than having to be overpaid to come to the Motor City.

GoJo turns the conversation to Jared Goff, and Lomas talks about how impressed he has been with the Lions QB to the point where he believes Goff should be an MVP candidate.

Senior wants to know what has been different and has made the players by into what Dan Campbell has been selling them. Lomas points out that he was briefly teammates with Campbell with the Giants toward the end of his career. He says you could tell there was something special about the guy, you just couldn’t put your finger on it and say he was going to be a great coach. You knew there was something different about him and you see it in how the players respond to him. Plus, he’s not afraid to get in there with them and get to work in the exercise room. Lomas says he’s one of the guys, he’s in the locker room, he played, he knows what the right buttons to push are to motivate guys. And Lomas says Campbell has these 53 guys ready to run through the wall every week.

Speaking of Campbell, how do Lomas and the Golics think Campbell would do in a WWE-style battle royale with the other 31 head coaches in the NFL?


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