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David Helman joins GoJo and Golic to preview Monday Night Football: Is Dak in trouble in Dallas?

The Fox Sports radio host joins Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. to preview tonight’s Cowboys-Chargers matchup on Monday Night Football.

It’s Monday and you know what that means — another Monday Night Football preview with Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr.! This week, they were joined by NFL on Fox podcast host David Helman.

The Cowboys are coming off their worst loss of the season and GoJo asks David what was the biggest real problem that came to light in that loss to the 49ers. David says when you get your butt kicked like that it makes you go back and look at things you explained away after wins and consider that maybe they really were glaring issues that you were just getting away with and that need to be addressed. David says to this point in the season we really haven’t seen the Dallas offense truly dominate. He says they’ve been the beneficiaries of some short fields, of some plus turnover margins and while that’s all part of football, this was a team that under Kellen Moore they were a top-five offense in the league for four years. This was a team that never had a problem getting into the end zone. While the Cowboys may have racked up some yards thus far, David says, it hasn’t really translated into explosive offensive performances. To that end, when asked on X what he thought the Cowboys’ most fun offensive play of the season he was taken aback and realized that there have not been a lot of candidates. David says you’re not seeing a lot of explosive plays, you’re not seeing a lot chunk gains or long touchdowns, and that’s going to need to change. And tonight it will be under a microscope as the Cowboys square off against Moore, who was forced out in the offseason by Mike McCarthy.

Senior asks what the shelf life is for this offense given the way it is going right now. David says he prides himself in not overreacting to a bad loss, it’s a long season after all, but he does admit the loss to the 49ers last week left him shook. He notes that he’s been a longtime Dak Prescott defender, but that performance does make you wonder what the shelf life is. David says he is not worried about Dak in the short term, noting it doesn’t make any sense for him not to be the starter for the time being, even really into next year. So it would be surprising if the Cowboys were desperate to move on from him, but he went into the season thinking it was a foregone conclusion that Dak would get an extension at some point before the draft and now he’s not so sure. He says how Dak performs in big leverage moments will determine how committed Dallas is to him in the future.

GoJo follows that up by bringing up the elephant in the room — Jerry Jones. He brings up Jerry’s reputation for being emotional and highly invested in his team. So he wonders if a loss to an offense led by Moore, who had been with the Cowboys very recently, could lead to some reactionary changes. David says right now, despite Jerry’s well-earned reputation, doesn’t see that happening. He notes that Jerry has been a lot more patient in recent years, highlighting how long he stayed pat with Jason Garrett at the helm. David says going into the bye week at .500 would leave Jerry Jones with plenty of rationalizations as to why it’s OK, but it would take something more drastic than losing to the Chargers tonight to make major changes. However, David did say that if it keeps up over the course of the next month or two it wouldn’t surprise him if Jerry got active given how high expectations were going into this season.

Meanwhile, who had the more worrisome loss on Sunday — the Eagles or 49ers?


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