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GoJo and Golic College Football preview: Will Oregon-Washington live up to the hype?

Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. preview the weekend slate on the college gridiron.

Another weekend college football slate awaits, and Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. have you covered with a preview of the action!

Of course, if you are talking about college football with the Golics you have to start with their beloved Fighting Irish, who are home favorites against rival USC. GoJo said when he brought that up to people they were stunned that No. 21 is favored over top 10 USC. He said he understands that you get the 3 at home more often than not, but he points out that USC won this game last year and Caleb Williams was in the midst of a stretch that delivered him the Heisman. GoJo says the biggest factor in this one could be the weather, with the forecast calling for temps in the low 50s and an 80 percent chance of rain. He thinks the weather could force both teams into a place where they don’t want to be.

Senior says that if USC had blown out Arizona he doesn’t think this spread would be where it is. He says Caleb Williams’ movement last year against Notre Dame is what really made that game for him, so the Irish need to keep him under control. Senior does think the weather will be big and that Notre Dame is going to have to control the ball with the run game. He also wonders which side is going to step up: The Notre Dame offense trying to control the ball against a very bad USC defense or the high-flying USC offense against Notre Dame’s defense. It’s at Notre Dame, it’s going to be cold and wet, so from a gameplan standpoint he’s leaning toward Notre Dame. Maybe it’s a case of heart over head, but Senior will go with Notre Dame in this one.

Meanwhile, GoJo has a bold statement.

GoJo thinks the effort will reflect the sense of urgency and he thinks the Irish will get back to the running game in this one. That, combined with more offensive line continuity for the Irish and the way Arizona was able to bloody the Trojans’ nose up front, as GoJo leaning toward the Irish as well. GoJo says it feels like USC has been living on the edge for a little bit too long and you wonder when that’s going to creep up and bite them.

Oregon at Washington is a game that everyone has circled on the calendar this weekend and GoJo will be on the call for Learfield. It’s the first time in this rivalry with both teams ranked in the AP Top 10. GoJo says styles make fights and Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix are two of the best in the country. Senior points out that both QBs have gaudy stats and have only been sacked three times each. Senior does note that while the Oregon defense has been playing extremely well, he picked Washington to be in the final four at the beginning of the season so he thinks this game is too close for him to go the other way. Senior says this is going to be an awesome one to watch and that he likes the over and he’ll give the points in taking Washington.

GoJo points out that Washington basically leads college football in every meaningful offensive category, however, Nix leads FBS football completing 80.4 percent of his passes. And it’s not like they’re just a dink and dunk offense, GoJo says. This is a guy who will turn it loose downfield. GoJo says down in the trenches is where this one could get interesting. Get your popcorn ready for this one.

Turning to Miami-North Carolina, does Senior think the Hurricanes can bounce back from a brutal loss? Senior says Miami snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last week, while UNC is favored on DraftKings Sportsbook. Senior says that Tez Walker, in his second game of the season, could be a real difference-maker here. Just following up a gutting loss last week and having to turn around and face a tough Tar Heels squad, Senior is taking UNC and taking the points. GoJo leans North Carolina as well, as he thinks they’ll win, but Miami and the points is what he would do if he was going to place a bet. GoJo thinks the Hurricanes will find a way to level set and galvanize and the response coming off last week will tell us a lot about the future of that team.


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