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Zack Moss joins GoJo and Golic to talk Colts, Anthony Richardson and Jonathan Taylor’s new deal

Mike Golic Jr. and Jason Fitz welcomed the Colts RB to GoJo and Golic to hit on a variety of topics surrounding Indy following a win over the Titans.

Mike Golic Sr. was off this morning after calling Monday night’s Raiders win over the Packers, so old GoJo friend Jason Fitz of Yahoo Sports joined Mike Golic Jr. for Tuesday’s show.

Indianapolis running back Zack Moss joined the show to talk all things Colts after a 165-yard, 2-TD performance in a win over the Titans.

GoJo wondered what it was like for Zack to put up such a big performance after all the talk going into the game had been about Jonathan Taylor and his new contract. Moss said it was a big performance for him and made sure to share some credit with his friends on the offensive line. He said the Colts players knew they needed to win this divisional matchup, especially considering they hadn’t beaten the Titans in a while or won a home game in a while, so he said it was like a perfect storm coming together for the win.

The Colts with the win sit at 3-2 and are an OT loss to the Rams away from being 4-1, so Jason wanted to know what everyone missed when assessing the Colts prior to the start of the season. Zack said even when he came over from Buffalo midway through last season he could see the talent that the Colts had in their locker room. And now with new coach Shane Steichen, his staff and the new players the organization has brought in, everybody has bought into that same process and belief and Steichen has done a great job getting players to buy into his message, according to Moss. And he added that when a coach can get a young team to buy into that message, especially when paired with some of the talent the Colts possess, you can do special things.

On the subject of buy in, GoJo asked how Steichen got the Colts players to buy in so early and what was his message when he walked into the building. Zack said it was more militant, no-BS style. He was ready to get to work, and Zack said that was the same mindset for a lot of the guys who had enough of the losing that had been happening of late in Indy. Zack said there is still a long road ahead, but the Colts have done a lot of great things thus far.

While everyone is excited about Anthony Richardson, Jason also wants to give some flowers to Gardner Minshew and his play. He also asked Zack about how the Colts have been able to adjust to a completely different style of QB play.

GoJo wanted to know what stood out about Richardson early on. Moss called out Richardson’s poise, highlighting the comeback that Richardson engineered against the Rams. Moss said you love to see the young quarterback go out and fight and not be phased by anything. He points out that Richardson is only 21 and hasn’t even played a ton of football, so he still has plenty of growth to go and is trending in the right direction.

When asked about Taylor and the fact that he was able to get paid after so many running backs have struggled this offseason to get paid, Zack said it stunk to see Taylor have to go through all the hoops he had to go through to get a contract that he deserved, but he was super happy for him to finally get what he deserved. He said it was big for their running back room, big for their team, big for their community and everyone is excited to have him back.

Meanwhile, Jason is here for you downtrodden Patriots fans ...


Hour 1: Zack Moss, Colts RB, on QBs Anthony Richardson & Gardner Minshew, his big game against the Titans and Jonathan Taylor’s contract + Jason Fitz on Raiders’ Win & Notre Dame’s Loss

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