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Who is better long-term for the Dolphins? Tua? Lamar? BRADY?!?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses what quarterback Miami should look to for long-term success.

Like a monster in a horror movie, rumors of Tom Brady to the Dolphins simply will not die.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the latest twists and turns in the NFL’s most epic will-they-won’t-they couple and who the best long-term solution would be for the Dolphins.

This all started because of talk on the Rich Eisen Show that Brady’s retirement might not be so final and that it’s not out of the realm of possibility that TB12 could still take his talents to South Beach.

Of course, Brady had a rebuttal to the rumors.

Dan notes that Greg Cote, Chris Cote and Tony are all in on chasing Lamar Jackson and bringing him to Miami. Chris notes that at this points in their careers, Lamar Jackson is the best option. Tony also notes that we’ve never seen Jackson with the type of weapons the Dolphins possess. He asks if it’s possible to unlock another level for Lamar in South Beach.

Dan notes that Stugotz is willing to proclaim soon-to-be free agent Jameis Winston as the No. 1 backup who could create a little bit of excitement when he comes into a game. He’s not a starter, but he’s the very best of the backups who could bring excitement. Stugotz notes that backup QBs are becoming increasingly important. Mike and Dan point out that these quarterbacks, as well as Derek Carr, have proven be unhealthier than the older Tom Brady.

Mike and Stugotz are all in on Brady. Stugotz is willing to ride with Brady for as long as he wants, and Mike thinks that given that Brady is single and ready to mingle, Miami makes a lot of sense. Stugotz also says with his divorce in the rearview mirror and his stated intention to not start in the Fox booth in 2023, what else does have to do? He has more time for football!


Local Hour: Little Birdies Told Us

  • Rich Eisen has stolen from Stugotz and reported that Tom Brady may still want to end up as the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. A war breaks out in the Shipping Container as they argue over who would be the best long-term option at QB for Miami: Tua Tagovailoa, Lamar Jackson, or a 46-year-old Tom Brady?

The Big Suey: A Mean-Spirited Hour With Ron Magill

  • When Ron Magill is late to join the show, Chris, Billy, and the rest of the Shipping Container start tearing him down, but will they say any of it to his face? Find out what happens when Ron joins us a few minutes into The Big Suey. Plus, Mike gets fooled by the internet and Stugotz has some strong takes about Phillip Rivers.

Hour 1: This Got Too Serious

  • John Amaechi joins us in-studio at The Clevelander! Meech dissects the Ja Morant story, Jalen Rose’s sincere comments, and why the public and media infantilizes athletes. He also dives into our country’s obsession with guns and how painting groups of people as the “other” shifts our focus away from real problems. Then, Meech doesn’t understand why EVERYONE on the show wants him to embarrass Tony.

Hour 2: The Knight Who Attacks His Own Castle

  • After a quick run through “Sports Names That Conjure Batman’s Butler,” we play an intense game of Stump the Meech. Then, we get Amaechi’s thoughts on Elon Musk and wealth disparity before Billy pushes him to take down the Royal Family. Plus, did Dan ever get around to watching the Chris Rock special?

Postgame Show: MAX WEINBERG!

  • As Mike Schur joins us for his Stat of the Day, the show concludes the best investigative journalism it’s ever done.

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