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Was Coach Prime out of line with his recruiting comments?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Deion Sanders’ controversial recruiting comments.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Deion Sanders’ controversial comments about recruitment.

After playing Coach Prime’s dissection of the differences he’s looking for when recruiting quarterbacks vs. defensive linemen, Amin immediately takes him to task, noting that if there was an amazing QB prospect from a single-parent home Deion would not be saying no to him. Amin says the beauty of heuristics like that is that you can say all of that until someone comes along and fits all of the criteria that actually matters — can he play and is he serious about the game. Amin goes further and says that single-parent, double-parent, none of that matters. Amin also recalls that he once was interested in why most of the great players in NBA history (LeBron excluded) had siblings. He says he went on to discover that his only child theory really didn’t mean anything and didn’t matter — they weren’t great because they had siblings, they were great because they could play.

Jessica thinks Deion’s statements are especially damaging because they perpetuate stereotypes about children who come single-parent homes. She also thought it was weird to hear Rich Eisen’s producers — the comments came on the Rich Eisen show — laughing along with it and thinking it was funny because for her it’s just gross.

Dan says Deion’s comments were too simplistic and it doesn’t matter how much Deion thinks he knows about the psychology of football, he’s getting players who can really play, no matter what their upbringing or background is.

Witty points out that if these comments came out of the mouth of any other coach they would be met with a lot more skepticism, which leads Dan to say that if they came out of the mouth of a white coach it would be seen as racist and questionable beyond what they are talking about.

Amin asks if there is any room to consider that Deion might have been kidding, but Dan doesn’t think he was. Amin does think the reason the others on the Rich Eisen show were laughing is because Deion was making the comments in a very jovial way, opening the door to the theory he was not being entirely serious. Jessica pushes back a bit, noting that this is the kind of thinking that older generations of coaches have utilized. So, you could potentially give him the benefit of the doubt, or you may not want to. Amin does think he believes in the comments but also said it in such an exaggerated way to make light of it.

Amin closes out the segment pointing out that if the No. 1 QB prospect in the country was from a single-parent home and wanted to play for Deion at Colorado, he would not be saying no and that the player is not for him.

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