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Are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick back on good terms?

NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran joins The Sweat to discuss Brady’s relationship with his former coach.

The Sweat is live all week from Radio Row in Arizona for Super Bowl LVII! On Tuesday, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom E. Curran joined Emerson Lotzia and Jessie Coffield on set and discussed Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s interesting appearance on Tom Brady’s “Let’s Go” podcast.

Emerson and Jessie noted that Brady and Belichick seemed to be on pretty good terms — despite the reported icy end to their time together in New England — and asked Curran what we should take from Belichick’s very complimentary appearance.

Tom said that the podcast showed that you can have irreconcilable differences that make it impossible to co-exist as colleagues and still adore each other. Taking it a step further, Curran noted that Belichick was Brady’s only authority figure for 20 years and equated Belichick to something of a 1950s dad, with expressions of love and appreciation and pride perhaps not quite as forthcoming as Brady would have liked. Thus, Curran said, when Brady does receive that praise from Belichick it makes him emotional because he was always trying to prove something to the future Hall of Fame coach.

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Meanwhile, on Monday Emerson was out asking the hard-hitting questions.

Watch the full segment with NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran below for more!


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