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Can you depend on Kyrie Irving?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the All-Star’s blockbuster trade to the Mavericks and its fallout.

Kyrie Irving is now a Mav and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discussed the fallout from Kyrie’s latest change of address.

Witty asks if there are Heat fans who would have been down with trading for Kyrie, and most of the crew seems to think the answer is yes. Stugotz notes that talent is talent, but Witty pushes back noting that the Kyrie-KD-Harden supertrio didn’t even make a conference final because of Kyrie’s complete and utter unreliability. However, after Chris Cote asks Witty if Dallas has a better title shot now than they did before Witty admits they do because now they have a running mate for Luka.

Dan brings up all the people questioning the trade due to Luka and Kyrie both needing the ball all the time, but Witty says that’s not the issue with the trade for him. The issue for him is normalcy, as Witty asks if there has been a 12-month period of normalcy for Kyrie at any point in his NBA career. Witty says you cannot rely on Kyrie, even if the Mavs will have some great nights with the Luka/Kyrie duo.

Mike says he thinks it was a good move, even if he has his questions both on and off the court. He also notes the Western Conference is wide open and that might have been Mark Cuban’s thinking in taking the big swing. Chris, meanwhile, points out that with Kyrie gunning for a big contract in the offseason, the Mavs could be getting Kyrie on his best behavior.

Stugotz thinks that Kyrie’s exit presents an opportunity for Kevin Durant to cement his legacy in Brooklyn by winning a title without Kyrie or a superteam. He thinks this is a window for KD to show the world why many people say he is the most talented basketball player we’ve ever seen.

Amin, meanwhile, had a take on LeBron’s Twitter reaction to the Kyrie trade ...


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