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Is backup QB the greatest job in sports?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses if it’s better to hold a clipboard and get paid than to get to compete.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had a debate about an important topic on Tuesday: Is being a backup QB the greatest job in sports?

The conversation began talking about A.J. McCarron and whether he made the right call in joining the XFL rather than continuing as a backup in the NFL. Dan immediately brings up the fact that Billy called McCarron an “idiot,” which Billy immediately tries to retract and downgrade to McCarron being a “dumb dumb.” Billy’s issue with McCarron is that he gave up a cushy backup QB job in the NFL all so he could sign with the XFL (which, it should be noted, will allow his kid to see him play as a starter). Given the fact that McCarron’s kid was unlikely to even have been paying attention, Billy questions why he would make that choice.

While Stugotz and Billy focus on the giant pay cut McCarron took to play, Chris Cote said he could understand McCarron’s desire to have his kid see him play, even if agrees with Billy that the child probably wasn’t paying attention.

The discussion then pivoted to Carson Wentz and whether or not he should settle for being a backup somewhere next season. Dan points out that Stugotz brought up an ... unusual ... life philosophy, which Stugotz describes thusly: EMBRACE THE CLIPBOARD!

Stugotz says the backup quarterback role is the greatest job anywhere in sports. Here’s his logic — big money, you don’t get hurt, everyone loves you, many times everyone wants you to come in and if you can make a few big plays on those rare occasions when you do have to come in everyone loves you even more. Even when the backup comes in, if they fail worst-case scenario is you go back to the clipboard and still earn good money. Win-win.

Stugotz says Wentz needs to stop being a starting quarterback in the NFL and start trying to be a backup quarterback. Stugotz also points out that you can basically do it forever, as well. Stugotz argues that with all these benefits why wouldn’t Wentz want to do that?

Dan sums it all up nicely — collect a check and don’t have to prove your skills.

Meanwhile, speaking of quarterbacks, let’s check in on how Stugotz is feeling about his beloved Jets' current QB situation ...


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