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What does Jim Larrañaga have to say to Jim Boeheim?

The Miami Hurricanes coach joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss his team’s season as well as comments made by the Syracuse head coach.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz welcomes in University of Miami head coach Jim Larrañaga to talk some college hoops!

Dan asks Larrañaga how it feels to be nearing a conference championship, with blue bloods like Duke and North Carolina looking up in the standings at his Hurricanes. Larrañaga points out that UNC was No. 1 in the preseason AP Top 25 and UNC and Duke were picked to finish 1-2 in the ACC, so he says if you said it would be his Hurricanes playing Pitt for the regular season title at the end of the season most people would have taken that action.

Larrañaga, in talking about his school’s rivalry with FSU, who upset the Hurricanes on Saturday, that after starting in football it has permeated throughout the Miami athletic department and is a great rivalry. He said on Saturday, he thinks his players thought that they had the game wrapped up at halftime, allowing Florida State to rally back in the second half and hit a game-winner. Dan took this as an opportunity to throw one of his own under the proverbial bus, but the tables were quickly turned.

Larrañaga says there are teams across the country with Final Four aspirations and that Miami is one of them and he believes his team is capable but has to be playing its best basketball. That means consistently good defense and rebounding, while also forcing turnovers.

Dan asks for the Hurricanes coach’s thoughts on Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim’s assertation that Miami had “bought” a team. Larrañaga said he doesn’t really worry about what other coaches say or do, he just concentrates on doing his job the best he can. He says he enjoys being around his players and they help keep him young, while noting that he may not be the youngest coach in the ACC but he’s not the oldest either. He points out that honor happens to go to the aforementioned Boeheim, which the Le Batard crew eats up. Larrañaga continues on saying the college basketball landscape has changed dramatically thanks to things like the transfer portal and NIL. Larrañaga says he and his staff have nothing to do with the NIL and that he just focuses on the coaching.

Meanwhile, it’s off to the penalty box for Witty ...


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