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What’s going on in college basketball?

The crew from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discuss what has been an insane year in college hoops.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz goes in an unusual direction for them — they discuss some college hoops!

With March Madness drawing ever so closer, Jessica laments the show’s lack of interest in college basketball. Mike agrees, noting that it’s been a phenomenal season and that a lot of casual fans would be shocked to see who is doing well (Houston, Alabama) and who is struggling (North Carolina).

Mike says part of the issue is that missing a March Madness due to the pandemic has skewed people’s perceptions of powerhouse programs and so much has changed since then. Jessica even notes that they could even do a Top 5 list of the most surprising teams in the AP Top 25.

Dan points out that the show has never claimed to be a destination for college basketball talk. He notes that South Florida has always been among the regions least interested in college basketball and the show didn’t just want to talk to the coaches in a car wash two weeks before March Madness.

Mike says he is desperate for a winner and so proud of Miami for being atop the ACC, but to his earlier point couldn’t pinpoint when the league’s reputation nationally dropped to likely being called garbage, although people said that last year as well and the conference had two teams in the Final Four. Dan attributes that to UNC being a preseason No. 1 and now sitting on the outside looking in for March Madness and when does that ever happen?

Mike says that, to his understanding, despite his own impressions about the quality of the ACC, nationally the impression is that the Big 12 is to basketball what the SEC is to football. Dan thinks this is all a product of Mike being in the clutches of ‘the cult in Coral Gables” and now he really cares about college basketball.

The discussion then turns to Jim Boeheim after his criticisms programs “buying” teams thanks to NIL. Dan notes it must hurt to have the game pass you by and watch others realize that you can be good outside the traditional powers. Mike goes even further saying Boeheim is a one-trick pony. Jessica continues piling on, suggesting that the expression “there’s a sucker born every minute” should be changed to “there’s an NCAA coach saying something stupid every minute.”

Meanwhile, Mike gets XTREME!!!!!!


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