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Is NBA All-Star Weekend broken?

The crew from The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses what steps can be taken to improve the NBA’s annual showcase.

NBA All-Star Weekend concluded on Sunday night with the annual All-Star Game and the level of play ... left something to be desired.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discussed whether NBA All-Star is broken and what can be done to fix it.

Dan notes that seemingly everyone spent the weekend talking about all the things wrong with NBA All-Star Weekend, which represents a quick turnaround after the introduction of the Elam Ending brought a certain level of fun and competitiveness. He also points out that the NBA-Star Game was really most relevant in the age before cable television when it wasn’t easy to see all the game’s stars on a nightly basis.

Stugotz agreed that there used to be a specialness to seeing East vs. West and matchups that we don’t normally get to see. Dan says we’ve outlived the usefulness of exhibitions like this and are left with the question of how to dress this up for the next generation of fans, who are perhaps not on cable and are less interested in sports and in the nostalgia of the All-Star Game.

Mike pushes back a little bit, saying that, on the whole, he thought the All-Star Weekend was great. He notes that despite questions going in, the Dunk Contest was very memorable and the takeaway from the weekend. He also says he doesn’t think the NBA has to go to the extremes the NFL did in making changes to the Pro Bowl.

Mike also says not all the games can be winners, but he gives the NBA credit for being more progressive than most in making changes to spice things up, such as the draft.

Stugotz says he never actually cared about the All-Star Game, what he cared about was the Dunk Contest and NBA All-Star Saturday Night. To that end, he agrees with Mike that NBA All-Star Saturday Night was actually pretty good this year.

Meanwhile, Amin has his own take ...


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