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Are the Suns a top 3 title contender? Stan Van Gundy says no

The former NBA head coach joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss where Phoenix stands in the championship picture.

Stan Van Gundy joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and discussed the impact his old friend Kevin Durant will have on the Phoenix Suns’ title chances.

Stan starts by closing the book on the KD/Kyrie era in Brooklyn by calling it absolute chaos for four years. And that also gives him pause before anointing the Suns because although he applauds the Suns for going for it he thinks the proper response to NBA trades is always “we’ll see.” He says you simply don’t know how things will work out and there are too many variables with things like injuries and team chemistry. Now, he says that when he looks at Phoenix he thinks it should work and they should be really good. But the question becomes how quickly does KD get healthy and how healthy does he get. Not to mention whether Chris Paul can stay healthy, which Stan points out hasn’t been a given lately, and whether or not the Suns have enough time to pull things together against teams with already established chemistry.

Stan says that, on paper, he would put the Suns as the best team in the West, but when Dan asks if he were to force Stan to bet on a team to win the NBA title Stan says he thinks the title will come down to the teams in the East. Stan says he thinks the three best teams are in the East — the Celtics, Bucks and 76ers — and those three teams are better than anyone in the West, including the new-look Suns.

Stan says he likes the Suns’ roster, but he thinks the Celtics, Bucks and 76ers have an edge because they have been together all season playing at a high level. Stan says he’ll take whoever comes out of the East, but he also thinks the West is wide open and that on paper he likes the Suns, although he thinks the Clippers have the deepest roster and the Warriors is the only team in the West where they know their core is capable of winning a championship. In the end, depending on how the brackets shape up, he thinks the West will come down to Phoenix and Denver.

Stan goes a step further and says he really doesn’t trust anybody in the West, even the Suns as right now we’re just looking at a list of names on paper.

Witty asks if the implosion of the Nets, as well as the failures of other mega-talented teams, has led to potential champions not just being a matter of who has the most talent. Stan says the No. 1 thing is still talent, no matter the intangibles, so that leaves you with a fairly short list of teams who can win the title. But he says the other things, like intangibles, defense and even luck also play a role.

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