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Fantasy Football Picks: Eagles vs. Cowboys DraftKings NFL DFS SNF Showdown Strategy

Pearce Dietrich gives his top DraftKings NFL Showdown picks for Sunday Night Football.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

DraftKings Fantasy Football features a pivotal NFC East showdown in Week 14. The DFS main slate may be in the books, but there is plenty of DFS action available for Sunday Night Football. Check out the NFL Showdown Slate DFS picks for the Week 14 Sunday Night Football matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.

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Captain’s Pick

Dak Prescott (CP $15,900)

It’s Dak’s world. It always has been. When Tyreek Hill surpasses 2,000 yards receiving, and Prescott still wins the NFL MVP Award, don’t be surprised. It’s a QB league and a Dak world. Playing for the Dallas Cowboys doesn’t hurt either.

Prescott’s MVP run is not solely based on popularity. It’s not the product of leading America’s Team. It helps, but his stats help more. The Cowboys lead the league in scoring. They lead the league because of Dak Prescott’s performance — 108.3 QB Rating (second), 3,234 passing yards (fifth) and 26 passing TDs (first),

Jalen Hurts ($11,000) is the better rushing quarterback. For DraftKings purposes, it’s not even close. Hurts has 430 rushing yards and 12 rushing TDs. Prescott is nowhere close to those numbers. That’s great, but can Hurts run all over the Cowboys’ defense? A better question is can Dak Prescott shred the Eagles’ defense through the air? The answer is an empathetic, “Yes!”

The Eagles rank in the bottom 5 in passing yards allowed (3,123 yards). They’ve surrendered 27 passing TDs (second-most). Quarterbacks are averaging 24.2 DKFP against Philadelphia (most). This is a DraftKings NFL DFS Showdown Slate. There is one game for making selections. That game features the odds on favorite to win the MVP. He’s a quarterback, and he’s facing one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. He’s also playing at home. Don’t overthink it.

FLEX Plays

Jake Ferguson ($6,800)

Rewind the clock to the beginning of the season. That’s impossible. Time travel doesn’t exist, but the internet is forever. Click my name in the byline. Scroll to the early season showdown slates. I called it. Ferguson was the guy. Forget about Dalton Schultz. Don’t trust the rookie. I called it because Mike McCarthy told it to us. Anyone that read the preseason reports out of Cowboys camp knew Ferguson was going to be a key feature in this offense.

Volume comes with a cost. Superstars carry volume and that warrants expensive price tags. Tight ends rarely match the volume of receivers and running backs. Ferguson comes at a slight discount because his floor isn’t as secure. His reception total and yardage are not automatic. His upside is a different story. He has the potential to significantly impact the slate based on his touchdown potential. Ferguson leads all tight ends with 22 red-zone targets. The next closest tight end has 13 red-zone targets. The Mike McCarthy West Coast offense loves targeting the tight end. It always has. Ferguson has turned those 22 targets into five touchdowns. If Ferguson finds the end zone, then he’ll likely be in the winning lineup. That is unless the Cowboys unload their customary 40 points on the Eagles and a cheap cursory weapon scores a touchdown.

Jalen Tolbert ($2,800)

This is the cheap cursory option. It’s incredibly risky. If Tolbert barely gets on the field, he doesn’t hurt your lineup from a point-per-dollar perspective. However, it’s very hard to win a GPP drawing zero from an empty roster spot. It can happen. If the savings are allocated correctly and every other roster spot hits, then a tournament can be taken down with a dud. For this to happen, every other value option must flop. That seems unlikely given the potential of these offenses, but that’s a slight generalization. The offense comes from specific high-priced weapons. There’s a good reason to believe that most value picks could fail. Possibly only one comes through. Who came through the last time these two teams met? It was Tolbert with three catches for 49 yards and a touchdown. Philly doesn’t have the defenders to stop No. 1 and No. 2 wide receivers. How are they going to stop the tertiary and quaternary options?

Kenneth Gainwell ($4,600)

The Cowboys are the play, so there needs to be at least one run back. That’s the rules of the game. That’s simple game theory. Before last week, choosing how to attack Dallas was a tough task. After last week, it doesn’t seem like much of an ask. Geno Smith and the left-for-dead Seahawks’ offense came to life — 406 total yards and 35 points. A.J. Brown ($10,200) is fine if you can afford him. The Cowboys aren’t cheap either. Savings are essential on Sunday’s Showdown Slate. The script seems to favor Dallas. Last week, the Eagles faced a superior opponent and were forced to play catch up. In that game, Gainwell was out snapping D’Andre Swift ($7,400) before Swift left the game. Gainwell finished with five catches for 42 yards.


Devonta Smith ($8,400)

The Sunday Night Football DFS Showdown Slate features a multitude of great fantasy football options this week. The trend of prime-time games featuring anemic offenses should take a pause Sunday evening. Even with the expectation of explosions, there are a lot of mouths to feed. Everyone can’t eat. Each Eagle will eat, but it might be just a bite. The trough will get a little more crowded this week with the return of TE Dallas Goedert ($5,400). Smith is going to lose targets with the addition of the competent pass catcher. It’s worse than that. When Goedert plays, teams cannot easily double team A.J. Brown ($10,200). This is a double whammy. Smith is a great player, and he can still break the slate. However, it would make more sense to spend more for a stable floor and DFS upside.


This is the year. The drought in Dallas dies. It’s been almost 30 years since the Cowboys won a Super Bowl. It’s been a terrific run for the Cowboys haters, but that will soon be over. Dallas is doing everything right. The offense, the defense and the coaching staff are simpatico. The Eagles are a very good team, but they’re not THE team. They have talent, but they’re missing something. They have wins. They have stats. But they do not pass the eyeball test. The Eagles can beat just about every other team and they did beat the Week 9 Cowboys, but they cannot beat these Cowboys.

Final Score: Dallas Cowboys 36, Philadelphia Eagles 24

Set your DraftKings fantasy football lineups here: NFL $1.25M Sunday Night Showdown [$300K to 1st] (PHI vs DAL)

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