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Will Aaron Rodgers retire after the Packers miss playoffs?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses what the future holds for Green Bay’s Hall of Fame QB.

The Local Hour of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz talked about Aaron Rodgers and his future in Green Bay and the NFL.

Chris Wittyngham calls Rodgers the “Look at me Louie of the year” and says there is a 0% chance he retires and 100% guarantees he’s back in the NFL next season. The crew still thinks the NFL media will obsess over Rodgers’ future in the offseason even though he was not particularly good this season en route to missing the playoffs.

Then there was also this ...


Local Hour: Healthy Good, Injured Bad

  • One way or another, the Miami Dolphins have made the Playoffs! Dan, Stu, and the Shipping Container discuss Skylar Thompson’s status as a Dolphins legend, wheezing into the postseason, how Fins fans should feel today, and whether or not it’s selfish for fans to want Tua to play in Buffalo. Plus, how Justin Fields should feel about having the No. 1 pick, the Jaguars making it to the Playoffs, Dan Campbell figuring it out in Detroit, and the Aaron Rodgers retirement “will he, won’t he.”

The Big Suey: Chris Cote’s Trip To Buffalo

  • #CancelRedZone. We pay tribute to the end of the Red Zone Channel as we know it. Chris Cote is preparing to fly to Buffalo for the Dolphins' playoff game against the Bills, and the crew has some advice for his travel. Then, why wearing Jordans makes you better than other people and why Stugotz might need to apologize to his bookie. Plus, Sean McVay and TV: does McVay want true work-life balance or is he flirting with retirement just for a contract extension?

Hour 1: Amin Knows Football?

  • The crew chats about Tom Brady’s potentially easiest path to the Super Bowl ever, LeBron James comparison shopping on power structures, and big games starting way too late at night. Then, Mike Schur joins us to cheat on his Stat of the Day. And how in the world did Amin Elhassan predict EXACTLY what Geno Smith would do this season?

Hour 2: Tony Peters In...Again

  • We revisit Amin’s impossibly clairvoyant Geno Smith prediction and what the Dolphins should do about Tua and his health this postseason. Then, the crew shares the details of their day at the King Mango Strut parade this weekend. Plus, Tony’s final regular season Top 5 goes completely haywire and he is definitely super duper chill about it.

Postgame Show: You Called Me Don Nelson

  • Things are still a bit testy in the Shipping Container after Tony’s Top 5 as we get to Stugotz’s Weekend Observations.

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