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Is Tom Brady really retired for good?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses TB12’s latest retirement announcement.

Early on Wednesday Tom Brady announced his retirement ... again. The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discussed the announcement and whether or not we’ve really seen the last of the future Hall of Famer on the gridiron.

Naturally, after last year’s Brady retirement and subsequent immediate unretirement, the crew was slightly skeptical.

Amin asks the question everyone had on their mind: “Did he ruin his marriage for just one more year of football?” Stugotz immediately chimes in with, “no way” and Tony also pointed out that it wasn't even a good year of football, but rather a 9-8 year of football. Dan did say he thought it was too simplistic that Brady chasing the fountain of youth for one more year of football led to the end of his marriage to supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Dan also said that we saw that Brady could still play football and at one point had said he wanted to play until he was 50, while Stugotz pointed out that if you’re going to go through all of this with your family you’re probably at least signing up for a couple of more years. So count Stugotz among the skeptical crowd. Dan said that this past season, with the lackluster team around him, had to be a terrible year for Brady, an awful, grueling year.

After playing the retirement announcement from Brady’s Twitter, Jessica immediately jokes that he’s a pro at retiring and he knows how to retire, with Stugotz saying he’ll be back in a week. The attention also briefly turned to whether or not Brady will be in the booth for the Super Bowl on Fox, booting Gregg Olson despite Olson having what was widely-regarded as a strong season (although it should be noted that reports have suggested that Olson will in fact call the Big Game in Arizona).

Dan asks if Brady is a better winner than Michael Jordan. Stugotz says that had Jordan not retired after the 1993 season he believes his Airness would have won eight consecutive titles, so he’s sticking with Jordan in this debate.

However, Dan says we shouldn’t be numb to Brady’s retirement despite last season’s about-face and points out that Brady has had another Hall of Fame career post-age 40 and that it’s totally absurd that he was still playing at such a high level.

Meanwhile, the show was nearly torn asunder because some of the crew did not put the proper amount of respect on the name of one Murphy Brown ...



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