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Did the better team win the AFC Championship on Sunday?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether the Bengals have a legitimate gripe over the officiating in their loss to the Chiefs.

In the aftermath of Championship Sunday in the NFL, the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the elephant in the room — the officiating in the Bengals-Chiefs AFC title game.

First of all, the crew all agree that the so-called “Missouri Mulligan” — despite being something Stugotz says he’s never seen before — did not end up mattering and Jessica even goes so far as to say it was, in fact, the right call. Witty jumps in to say that the unnecessary roughness penalty for the hit on the sidelines on Patrick Mahomes was also the right call.

Witty then took it a step further, saying it’s “Such a loser’s lament to complain about officials,” while also claiming he does not complain about officials.

Greg chimes in that it stinks that bad officiating has become the narrative about the game because Patrick Mahomes’ touchdown to Travis Kelce was brilliant and really the difference in the game, even on just one foot as Jessica points out.

Mike said he didn’t think the officiating crew in the AFC title game was very good, and Witty wondered if “all-star” ref crews for the playoffs actually hurt the continuity in the AFC Championship.

Mike then points out that despite all the complaints online from the Bengals and their fans about the officiating on Sunday, over the course of their current two-year run they’ve actually been quite fortunate. Thus, it’s hard to feel for them when things didn’t go their way.

The crew also points out that the Bengals had opportunities to pick up the win once the game was tied at 20, but was undone by offensive line difficulties and penalties. Mike says it was clear that, despite all the injuries for the Chiefs, the better team won on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Stugotz brings the heat with his Weekend Observations ...


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The Big Suey: NFL Playoffs

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Hour 1: Weekend Observations

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Hour 2: Pat Bev Legacy Game

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Postgame Show: Penne Alla Vodka

  • Mike’s getting bizarre IG ads, Jess hates what the Empire State Building is doing, and we get a Lionel Messi-MLS update.

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