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Do the Eagles have the best team in the NFL?

Ross Tucker joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and gives his takes on the NFL playoffs.

Ross Tucker of The Ross Tucker Podcast joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to break down the NFL playoffs.

Stugotz wonders if people are making a little too much out of Brock Purdy and how much credit he deserves for the 49ers’ success since he took over under center. Interestingly, Ross agreed to a point but had actually tweeted about this earlier in the day ...

Ross also notes that the environment will be insane and that many quarterbacks would play lousy in that environment. He also says that if the Eagles win and the 49ers struggle, “all of the draft guys, who don’t want to feel bad about themselves because they said nobody should draft Purdy, they’re going to say, ‘He’s just limited, see, he just can’t do it.’ ”

Ross also takes umbrage when Stugotz asks if he agrees that the 49ers are the top-to-bottom most talented team in the NFL.

“No chance. It’s the Eagles!”

Ross notes that 16 of the Eagles’ 22 starters are either Pro Bowlers or Pro Bowl alternates, even with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and Dallas Goedert not being eligible due to injury at the time of Pro Bowl voting.

He goes even further, saying it’s the best Eagles team he has ever seen. However, he also said this would be a “huge missed opportunity for them if they lose this game,” noting that they’re playing at home, they have the best team, they have an MVP QB against a rookie QB. Ross said if they lose this game they’re going to be talking about it for years, adding, “This is the year, this is the time for the Eagles, right now.”

In the AFC, Ross says Joe Burrow is now the “new version of the Brady-Manning prototype.” Ross adds that you can tell that Burrow is the son of a coach and that he thinks Burrow will be around for a long time.

Finally, later in the show, the discussion turns to the cinema and the best movies of 2022 ...


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