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Will Tom Brady take his talents to South Beach?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether the Dolphins would get rid of Tua Tagovailoa in favor of the future Hall of Fame QB.

With Tom Brady reportedly touring Miami schools with his kids, does that mean the legend will be under center next season in Miami? The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether the Dolphins would jettison Tua in favor of the legendary QB.

Jessica doesn’t believe the Dolphins would give up Tua, but Stugotz isn’t so sure. Stugotz reminds the crew that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has a relationship with Brady and that we know that Ross wants Brady to be his quarterback after last offseason’s kerfuffle.

However, part of the reason that Witty thinks Brady to the Dolphins is a non-starter is those tampering charges from last offseason.

The rest of the group isn’t buying that, noting that the Dolphins have already lost picks and been punished for tampering with Brady last offseason. Billy even thinks now is the time when you go through with signing Brady saying, “Now you’re like, ‘I got punished now I’m getting him.” Amin backs that up, with the example of “If I’m going to get called for a foul I’m fouling somebody.” Stugotz is also on board, saying “I mean, why wouldn’t you go get Tom Brady right now?”

Amin refers back to an NBA example: the tampering case of Joe Smith in the 1990s. Amin notes that the Timberwolves were punished and Smith had to sign elsewhere, but at the end of that contract, Smith ended up signing in Minnesota anyway. “It’s double jeopardy, you can’t punish them twice for it. You caught them for tampering, you punished them, the player went elsewhere, but at the end of that you can’t stop him from coming back. You can’t say ‘you never play for this team.’ Because it’s not just a case of the Dolphins but the players association would raise a stink.”

Witty is undeterred by all of these arguments, however, still believing that the Dolphins are on some double-secret probation. “Look me in the eyes, we can’t put this in the press release, but you don’t get Tom Brady.”


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