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Is Messi to Inter Miami still in play?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses whether Lionel Messi is seriously considering a move to MLS.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the latest on where World Cup hero Lionel Messi will play next.

Amid the reporting from Fabrizio Romano that Messi to PSG is basically a done deal, Mike asserts that Messi is still very much interested in what Inter Miami has to offer and is still in negotiations with the MLS team. Mike says he thinks Romano’s sources are tied to PSG, thus Romano’s confidence that it’s a done deal. Mike admits that he doesn’t know where Messi ultimately will wind up, but he does say it’s a two-team race between PSG and Inter Miami.

Furthermore, Mike says Inter Miami feels very confident and that talks will continue this week and that the team feels it has a strong proposal and that the indication from Messi’s camp is that he remains interested.

Greg pours some cold water on all that, saying that Messi’s strong play in the World Cup increased the idea that he’s not ready for his retirement home yet, which is what he says Inter Miami is. Greg thinks that Messi is just lining up what may happen in two or three years and that he’s not ready to give up top-level soccer yet.

Mike pushes back that Messi’s legacy as a footballer is yet and that this move would be about setting up a new legacy and opening up a new market and a pathway to ownership. Mike says he thinks that, over time, the Inter Miami offer is the stronger offer. Mike says he also understands that this unique opportunity being offered to Messi right now is only available right now and may not be on the table in the future.

Mike also says it’s about lifestyle and balance. He’s heard that Messi loves it in Miami and that his family wants to be in Miami. Mike also asks: If he were really off to PSG why is Messi still entertaining the idea of Inter Miami?

Meanwhile, later on in the show THE COMMISH IS BACK!!! And she immediately takes charge ...


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