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Will Manny Ramirez ever be enshrined in Cooperstown?

Jared Carrabis joined The Sweat on Tuesday to discuss this year’s ballots for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

With the newest members of the Baseball Hall of Fame set to be revealed on Tuesday, Jared Carrabis had his thoughts on whether some controversial candidates will ever see enshrinement in Cooperstown.

Carrabis went through his personal approach as to who should be a Hall of Famer, including what stats he puts heavy emphasis on, like WAR7. He said he doesn’t think Manny will ever find his way into the Hall, with his positive PED tests and other controversies overshadowing his Hall-worthy stats. However, Manny will always be a Hall of Famer to him.

He does have more hope for Carlos Beltran in spite of the Astros’ cheating scandal. That discussion also led Carrabis to question whether in 2023 the writers are the right group to be considering which players are Hall of Fame worthy or if there are more deserving observers who could do a better job.

Watch the full segment below for his more analysis!


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