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How good are Joe Burrow and the Bengals?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses Cincy’s impressive victory over the Bills in the Divisional Round.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz broke down the aftermath of this weekend’s Cincinnatti Divisional Round victory over Buffalo.

Dan begins the segment by conceding to Billy when it comes to his Bills analysis. Billy, of course, takes his well-deserved victory lap all the while saying he’s not here to gloat as he notes with a couple of tweaks here and there that Josh Allen has a bright future ... maybe. But again, Billy’s not here to gloat.

Dan couldn’t believe how much the Bengals’ offensive line dominated the Bills’ expensive defensive line, and noted that he and Mike owe the Bengals an apology. Mike again apologizes publically and says that the Bengals have “it.” He also notes that with Patrick Mahomes hobbled, the Bengals could be on their way to back-to-back Super Bowls.

All of this led Chris to ask the million-dollar question: Is Joe Burrow the second-best quarterback in the league behind Mahomes? The crew bats that around for a bit, trying to shake off the residual stench of failure that the Bengals’ uniforms give off to admit that Cincy has become very good, as evidenced by the fact that the Bengals have a shot at winning their fourth straight game against Mahomes and the Chiefs.

However, the Bills slander would continue later on in the show ...


Local Hour: Not Here To Gloat

  • How does Billy Gil feel after Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills were embarrassed on their home field by Joe Burrow and the Bengals? Then, things get local as Barry Jackson takes down the Miami Heat Kids Day broadcast and Dan asks Billy, Chris, and Jeremy about the Marlins’ latest trade and Jazz Chisholm Jr.’s move to Center Field. Plus, a “catch” in the NFL, the difficulty of procuring a billboard in Buffalo, Witty’s halftime take, and Greg Olsen as the internet’s new favorite broadcaster.

The Big Suey: Joe Shiesty

  • Joe Burrow is so cool that Chris Cote bet on the Bengals after seeing one slo-mo video of him. Then, are these clearly the four best teams in the NFL? And after Shannon Sharpe’s fight with the Grizzlies and the Cowboys L, where do things stand with Skip and Shannon? Plus, the crew discusses when we reached our peak physical shapes and the Brett Maher Experience.

Hour 1: Mike Ryan’s Point Break Minute

  • Does Brock Purdy have the Joe Burrow je ne sais quoi? Mike Schur takes too long to get to his Stat of the Day and hates talking about yips. He also opens more baseball cards and touches on bad Sutgotz predictions, what Cowboys coaches have to look like, and Kent Tekulve. Then, Dan doubles down on Josh Allen’s stupid face, Jess is getting into the Australian Open through Netflix, and Mike Ryan blesses us with his Point Break Minute.

Hour 2: The Thumb Is A Game Changer

  • Hour 2 is going off the rails as we begin with Stugotz’s Weekend Observations and transition to an extremely confident Tony for his Top 5, and he definitely doesn’t peter in. Plus, do we underrate the thumb?

Postgame Show: Dan You Should Start

  • The crew discuss Tony Dungy’s misinformation tweet, Witty’s top 4 inconveniences of not having a thumb, and bring you the Funniest Thing From The Sports Weekend.

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