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How much is Sean Payton really worth?

David Samson joins the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to debate the value of the former Saints head coach.

David Samson joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to debate the value of a head coach in the NFL in lieu of Sean Payton’s reported demands.

Samson said the worth of an NFL head coach is not $20-25 million as he “cannot make Russell Wilson better.”

Dan countered that his thinking has evolved over the years thanks to the Kyle Shanahans and Sean McVays of the world and that he would pay up for a coach if he could assign a value to whether he would make his quarterback better.

Mike noted that the history of head coach trades in the NFL has worked out pretty well, citing Jon Gruden, Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells. Although he did not that he doesn’t view Payton as being in that class, despite Payton having won a Super Bowl.

Samson said he doesn’t think Payton will make any of these teams better on his own and they need better players. He noted that the real problem in Denver was “not Nathaniel Hackett, the real problem was Russell Wilson and I don’t think Sean Payton can make him better.”

Amin asked whether a competitive advantage for some of these teams should be having a rich owner with no salary cap assigned to coaching staffs, adding that they can afford to take a big swing on a coach who can make a difference even if it’s not a $25 million difference.

However, Samson noted the second-level effects on the rest of the market, bringing up the example of the Dodgers paying Andrew Friedman big money. Samson said that angered owners more than teams making big paydays for players, and he added, “When you’ve got billionaire owners who don’t care if they’re giving a coach a $20 million versus $15 million it impacts the entire market and you have to try and hold those salaries down.”

Meanwhile, after his viral Twitter back and forth with Kevin Durant, Stan Van Gundy joins the show ...


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