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Where will Tom Brady play next season?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the odds on DraftKings Sportsbook for where the Hall of Fame quarterback will play in 2023.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the odds on DraftKings Sportsbook for where Tom Brady will play next season and which team makes the most sense. The Bucs? The 49ers? The Raiders? THE JETS?!?!?!

Dan notes that retirement doesn’t seem to be an option and that the Bucs are the current favorite, which he would not bet and he thinks is “clearly over.” The crew then discusses whether the 49ers would jettison the surging Brock Purdy and pay up to bring Brady home to the Bay.

Jess brings up the possibility of Brady doing the unthinkable and joining the Jets, to which Amin notes that the Jets just need a competent quarterback not even necessarily a good one to take things to the next level.

Dan says he thinks the 49ers would be a perfect place for Brady, but the crew wonders if the Niners would be better off sticking with Purdy on his rookie deal to maintain the rest of their roster. Tony, meanwhile, thinks Brady should show he’s all in by taking the minimum to ensure he wins with maximum cap space available to surround himself with weapons.

The segment comes to a close with a discussion on “80 for Brady” and whether or not there’s any chance the movie will be any good.

Meanwhile, the beef with the Bills rolls on ...


Local Hour: Jared Goff’s Stupid Face

  • Billy feels bad about offending the truly kind and forgiving fan base of the Buffalo Bills, so we discuss how to get back in the good graces of Bills Mafia and Josh Allen’s obviously likable face. Did Billy actually say Josh Allen has a “stupid face?” Should we get a Bill Gil Billboard in Buffalo? Does #InfluencerBilly know what he’s doing? Plus, why in the world do Cubans spend so much time vacationing in North Carolina?

The Big Suey: 80 For Brady

  • First, “what kind of grown man criticizes another grown man’s face?” Then, the crew believes our devices know us too well and the Shipping Container is split on the usefulness of CBS Sunday Morning. Plus, what are the odds the San Francisco 49ers move on from Brock Purdy for Tom Brady, and should they even consider it? A full breakdown of Brady’s future and the upcoming movie “80 for Brady.” Also, Amin on basketball player injuries and movies changing our perception of lasers.

Hour 1: Tertiary Lads

  • The show discusses the many benefits of shopping at Costco as Billy defends the merits of BJ’s Wholesale. Then, after Witty rallies the troupes, Mike Schur joins the show to share his Stat of the Day, open more 90s baseball cards, and share his Top 24 Ridiculous Made Up Names From Parks and Recreation.

Hour 2: The Voices of Amin Elhassan

  • Witty has thick skin, and that’s been the case since he was a kid. Billy Gil reports on First Take from the kitchen. Amin monologues as Stephen A. Smith. Then, as our politicians like George Santos continue to defiantly lie to our faces, how do we hold them accountable? Plus, Amin delivers his Top 5 Voices He Wishes He Had before the Shipping Container distances themselves from his list of Top 5 Voices He’s Glad He Doesn’t Have.

Postgame Show: #BillGilsBillsBillboard

  • We’re on a mission to get billboards up in Buffalo. Let’s get it trending, folks. #BillGilsBillsBillboard. Plus, an excerpt from Stephen A. Smith’s book as performed by Amin Elhassan.

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