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Are the Bills a paper champion?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses just how good the Bills really are.

Greg Cote joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and the crew asked an important question: Are we sure the Bills are really that good?

Greg calls the Bills overrated and a “paper champion that’s never won anything.” Greg even went so far as to say that he thinks the Dolphins would have won comfortably if Tua had been playing.

Dan, however, still thinks the Bills are one of the best teams in football even with their turnover prone/injured QB. He also said when pressed that he thinks Buffalo will beat the Bengals.


Local Hour: Josh Allen’s Stupid Face

  • The Miami Dolphins season has come to an end at the hands of Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. Dan, Greg Cote, Amin, and the Shipping Container share their takeaways surrounding the Dolphins chances if Tua had played, the Bills making a run this postseason, Mike McDaniel and clock management, and the Moral Blowout. Is there a chance the Dolphins were the better team? Are the Bills really a NFL behemoth? Do we sound absurd? Plus, Cormani McClain: not a Cristobal guy?

The Big Suey: San Boselli

  • Vanilla Vick, Brock Purdy’s success, Paul Giamati of Big Fat Liar, and the Chargers absolutely blowing it. Plus, “Bully Gil” wants us to see the unfiltered Tony this week as we head toward Tony’s Top 5 and determine the line between idiot and genius.

Hour 1: Biff Pocoroba

Mike Schur joins the show to give us the Stat of the Day and to open a pack of baseball cards. Plus, we test Greg Cote’s movie knowledge with some trivia.

Hour 2: Where’s Chris?

  • The show tries to figure out where Chris Cote is and if he’s okay after his weekend in Buffalo. #Influencer Billy previews his upcoming #Guillermoton Peloton group ride. Could Daniel Snyder be forced to sell the Commanders to Jeff Bezos?

Postgame Show: Shorter and Better

We laugh at a famous David Guetta clip, Greg Cote presents a clip from The Greg Cote Show with Greg Cote like a David Letterman guest, and we see if Greg knows any more movie trivia.

Watch more below!


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