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Is increased scoring this season a good sign or a bad sign for the NBA?

Tom Haberstroh joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss the ongoing dialogue about the league’s scoring boom.

Basketball Illuminati podcast host Tom Haberstroh of Meadowlark Media joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss the rising number of players with 50+ scoring outbursts in the NBA and he wanted to accentuate the positive.

Haberstroh lamented the national media turning this into a negative rather than focusing on the amazing individual offensive talent in today’s game. He said the scoring boom is a result of legitimately amazing basketball innovations rather than a case of “guys just don’t play defense anymore.”

Dan chimed in, agreeing that offense has gotten much better while also noting that if the money is in shooting and scoring it makes sense that individual offensive talent would get better.

Haberstroh also pointed out that the entire NBA is now playing the “seven seconds or less” basketball pioneered by Mike D’Antoni with the Phoenix Suns in the 2000s.

Some other theories thrown out for huge individual scoring nights included the addition of the take-foul rule and the fact that the NBA is on pace to have its most OT games in league history with 90 already in the books.

Mike Schur also joined the show to open some vintage baseball cards!


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Hour 2: Unsealing 90s Baseball Cards

  • Mike Schur joins us to share the joys of opening a new pack of baseball cards before accidentally stumbling into a new job at Meadowlark Media. Tom Haberstroh is here to discuss the 50-point game as the new no-hitter, how Mike D’Antoni changed the league forever, and how the franchise player in the NBA is tasked with more responsibility on the court than ever before. Dave Meltzer joins the show to continue our conversations and share his insight into the latest storylines and controversies surrounding both WWE and UFC.

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Watch more below!


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