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Should Tua Tagovailoa play in the NFL playoffs?

Andrew Hawkins joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss what’s going on with the health of the Miami QB.

Former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins joined the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and weighed in on the debate surrounding Tua Tagovailoa’s immediate and long-term future in the NFL.

For Hawkins, “Is the upside worth the downside?” is the question he is asking with regard to Tua’s postseason availability.

“If he gets another concussion, the conversation won’t be, ‘Did he come back too fast?’ It’s ‘You should never play football again.’ That’s not worth it.”

Hawkins also noted that “a playoff win would be huge for his career,” which could be why he came back as quickly as he did after his previous concussions. However, from his own experience dealing with multiple concussions during his playing career, it’s a difficult conversation that has to be had no matter how much it may stink for Tua, his teammates, coaches and Dolphins fans.

The crew also discussed what role Tua’s next contract will/should play in any decision on whether to return this season and whether it would be better for him to just let himself heal.


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