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Can TCU recover after National Title Game beatdown?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses what happened on Monday night in the College Football National Title Game between TCU and Georgia.

On the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Greg Cote talked about Monday’s 65-7 National Title Game beatdown and said TCU will “never live down a loss like that” to Georgia.

Dan joined in, saying “at one point I started counting TCU defenders on the field” while Billy Gil called it “the most embarassing bowl game that ever happened” and that “college football was set back” while noting that the field expanding is a horrible idea.

The crew also marveled at David Pollack, sitting next to Nick Saban, saying on the broadcast that “Georgia has taken over the sport.” Dan also said he thinks the top of the SEC will only get stronger than the rest of college football with the money continuing to grow.


Local Hour: Greg Cote Tuesday

  • Greg Cote doesn’t understand why the Dolphins are such big underdogs vs. the Bills. Should the Marlins be spending more on payroll?

The Big Suey: J.J. Watt Moves In

  • Imagine J.J. Watt is moving next door to you and turns out to be a bad neighbor. What do you do?

Hour 1: Top 5 Seat Warmers

  • We’re talking Georgia/TCU with Spencer Hall, Chris Cote says he prefers sitting in seats that have been warmed by other people sitting in them and Ron Magill joins us.

Hour 2: Roy’s Anniversary

  • Greg Cote bought his wife Seinfeld tickets in the second to last row. What’s the deal with wallets? Stugotz thinks he should be on College GameDay. Roy forgot his anniversary and the crew tries to bail him out.

Postgame Show: Stat Of the Day

  • Mike Schur joins the show to give us his Stat of the Day and is quickly derailed by his hate for the Miami Heat.

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