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Fantasy Football Millionaire Picks: Top DraftKings NFL DFS Plays for Week 5

Geoff Ulrich and Pearce Dietrich join The Sweat to give their favorite DraftKings Fantasy Football Millionaire plays for Week 5.

Kansas City Chiefs v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

DraftKings contributors Geoff Ulrich and Pearce Dietrich join The Sweat to give their favorite DraftKings Fantasy Football Millionaire plays for Week 5.

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Video Transcript

Geoff Ulrich:

We’re going to go to Kenny Pickett at $5100. I mean, look, what do we have to lose here? The Bills are coming off a tough game. They’ve played two tough teams in a row. Their defense is still banged up. And if anything, this is just a classic letdown spot.

I’m not suggesting that the Steelers are going to win this game. I do think that this game is going to have a lot of offense though, and I think it’s actually going to be a pretty good environment for fantasy.

Kenny Pickett came out, he was aggressive, he completed over 75% of his passes. I don’t care about the interceptions. The interceptions are just going to create a better game flow environment for Kenny Pickett anyways, he’s going to get the ball right back.

They’re not bringing Mitch Trubisky back in there. That show is done. Kenny Pickett had six rush attempts, he had 13 dropbacks in like a quarter of play.

This guy is going to be good for fantasy and he is attached to some high, high-end receivers. Freiermuth over the middle. Diontae Johnson can get open against anyone. We haven’t even seen the best of George Pickens.

I’m telling you, Pickett at $5100 is going to create some good fantasy days ahead, and it might start this week against a really good Buffalo team.

Pearce Dietrich:

There are some cheap quarterbacks to look at this week, but how about just spending a little bit more for Tom Brady? We know what he’s capable of. We know he is in a great matchup. If we look at last week, he threw the ball 52 times, the week before that they threw over 40 times.

Tampa is basically doing what we thought they would do—they are now committing completely to the pass. They only ran the ball six times last week. We want volume. You’re going to get volume. You get a great matchup: Atlanta is 29th in pass DVOA. A.J. Terrell is having a terrible season at cornerback. Casey Hayward has just suffered through too many injuries, he’s pretty much washed up.

Tampa should have no problem moving the ball. Last week, 4/4 in the red zone, three of those were passing touchdowns.

I know you give up a little bit when you don’t take a rushing quarterback, and that’s kind of like the cheat code these days. But this is quite some savings in a game where we expect Atlanta to kind of keep it close. Atlanta is 4-0 ATS, so this game shouldn’t get out of hand.

Tampa is going to have to continue to push the entire game. They’ve already decided that they’re not going to run the ball very much. I like the volume and the price for Tom Brady.

Geoff’s Pick: Kenny Pickett ($5,100)

Pearce’s Pick: Tom Brady ($6,000)



Video Transcript

Pearce Dietrich:

I’ll spend up on Nick Chubb. And I know I didn’t give Nick Chubb nearly enough respect, or even the Browns to begin the season, but so far, he’s getting 20 carries a game, 115 yards, a touchdown, and he’s going to get a really good matchup against the Chargers, who have struggled for the last two years against the run— this year, 29th against running backs, 29th most fantasy points allowed.

The yards per carry that the Chargers are giving up to lead running backs is pretty insane. When you give Josh Jacobs, who’s not really the greatest running back, 5.7 yards per carry...if I’m the Browns and I’m going into this game after having lost some games they should have won, with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback, which, also, Jacoby will check down to Chubb, so you get some points there, but the Browns’ gameplan has to be 25 to 30 carries for Chubb. If they do that, they’re going to win this game.

I know he doesn’t give you as much of the receiving upside that you would like. But if you get 20 carries from Chubb in this matchup, he should probably find the end zone twice and go over the 100-yard mark.

Geoff Ulrich:

Tyler Allgeier at $4700. Cordarrelle Patterson is on IR. And you say, oh, it’s the big, bad, scary Tampa Bay defense. They just allowed Clyde Edwards-Helaire to go for 92 yards. I’m pretty sure it’s the highest run total he’s had like three seasons. This Tampa Bay defense is banged up a bit, and Tampa just as a team I think is taking a step down. I don’t mind the Tom Brady call either by Pearce because I think this game is going to be close, and I think Allgeier, who’s a very, very tough between the tackles runner—he was very well-rounded in college too. He can catch the ball.

I think you’re going to see him get heavy usage in this game, and I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people with what he brings—I’m telling you, Allgeier is the real deal. I love this play at $4700.

Pearce’s Pick: Nick Chubb ($8,000)

Geoff’s Pick: Tyler Allgeier ($4,700)



Video Transcript

Geoff Ulrich:

I’m looking at two elite receivers—we’ll go to Stefon Diggs here at $8400. A.J. Brown is the other one. But these are just ridiculously good matchups for these players. And Stef Diggs, going up against the Pittsburgh secondary—this Pittsburgh secondary has been giving up big plays all season. Opposing quarterbacks have great passer ratings against them, and even if I’m right and Buffalo has a bit of a hangover, it’s not like they’re not going to put up a million yards. If I think Pittsburgh is making this game competitive, it just means that Stef Diggs is getting more volume to complete the comeback, or just to cement the win.

So I think Diggs is really the pay-up target here. I think Stef Diggs is really the player that you need to start thinking about paying up for at wide receiver and then looking for value at other positions.

Pearce Dietrich:

I will go with Chris Olave at $5700. I am not really concerned who the quarterback is. When Dalton was his quarterback, when Winston was his quarterback, he had pretty solid PFF grades. I guess I would prefer Winston because there is more upside with Winston at quarterback, and Winston did target Olave 13 times in Week 2 and in Week 3.

Facing the Seahawks, one of the worst pass defenses in the league—last week, they almost gave up 400 passing yards to Jared Goff—the cornerbacks are a huge problem for Seattle. You can take advantage of that and get a pretty cheap high-upside Saints receiver.

Geoff’s Pick: Stefon Diggs ($8,400)

Pearce’s Pick: Chris Olave ($5,700)

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