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Is Patrick Mahomes now the GOAT?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses where the Chiefs QB’s legacy stands following another Super Bowl title and MVP.

Patrick Mahomes added another chapter to his legend in Super Bowl LVIII, leading the Chiefs to a 25-22 comeback victory over the 49ers in overtime, earning the MVP in the process.

In the aftermath of it all, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is left to ponder: Is Mahomes now the GOAT?

Dan notes that you have to give the Kansas City defense its just credit, as that unit has been stellar throughout this postseason run. But, what Mahomes did this season, Dan said, is what is reminiscent of Tom Brady — winning when we don’t understand how you’re winning. Winning despite us questioning everything that is in your huddle. What Mahomes has now solidified is that he is in the place where you can’t leave him ANY time and the football at the end of the game or you’re going to lose, Dan says. And that’s not something we’re doing with many quarterbacks. All of America knew that Brock Purdy and the 49ers left Mahomes the game. And they were right. Mahomes may have had some of this status before, but Dan says he’s truly golden forever now.

Stugotz says Mahomes has checked off just about everything you need to check off on the checklist now. He’s done it on the road, he’s done it in the Super Bowl, he’s won MVP, he’s trailed by seven or more points. He’s done EVERYTHING, Stu says. Well ... except beat Tom Brady.

Chris says it reminds him of what Dan used to say about the Heat’s Big Three — there’s nothing better than seeing them down late. Chris wants him down with the ball needing to score. It’s the best, he says.

Dan says there was only one big chunk yardage play in that game, and it was Mahomes to Mecole Hardman. Dan thinks both teams averaged about seven yards per play, but it was ONLY seven yards per play. In fact, Dan says the way Mahomes was doing it was an unusual way for him to do it, although he has had to win that way since Tyreek Hill left. It was all dump downs and you weren’t going to get a takeaway off Mahonmes late, Dan says. The 49ers took away everything deep and dared Mahomes to go down the field seven yards at a time and he did it.

Meanwhile, Jessica says Mahomes being able to use his feet to get first downs when it looked like their offense was completely stalling in the second half made a huge difference and Dan says that was the difference between the two quarterbacks in this game.

Now that they’ve got their third ring and second in a row, is it officially time to crown the Chiefs a dynasty?


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