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What’s really going on with Ben Johnson?

Mina Kimes joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to share her thoughts on the latest twists and turns of the coaching carousel.

It appears as though the coaching carousel has come to a stop for another season and Mina Kimes joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to share her thoughts.

Dan notes that Mike Florio is going after Adam Schefter based on what he’s calling irresponsible reporting surrounding Ben Johnson. That’s not the part that Dan finds most interesting. No, the part Dan finds most interesting is that Ben Johnson was reportedly seeking $15 million a year and Seattle and Washington jobs seem imperfect, so he’s staying put in Detroit. What does Mina think really happened?

Mina says it’s a really good question because there is so much smoke around a decision like this, especially the fact that it’s not just happened this year but last year as well. Turning down the Carolina job and going back to Detroit makes sense because people didn’t really know how good the Carolina job is. This year he seemed to have his choice of jobs, so for him to go back again is a little curious and Mina thinks to say that he's going back because he loves Detroit and is so loyal and wants to win a Super Bowl and screw those other teams? She has her doubts about that.

It’s plausible that the jobs he wanted weren’t on the table, perhaps money was a factor. Mina says it’s impossible to know if it was an “I’m going to dump you before you dump me” situation, but she does think that while he may not have returned to Detroit purely out of the goodness of his heart it is undeniable it’s a good job. Mina suspects he’s making a lot of money in Detroit and that he likes working with Dan Campbell and having total autonomy over the offense. She thinks all of those things are true without knowing what the money piece was.

Dan has a hypothetical for Mina: If he is not going to tell her anything about the personnel she’s getting, but wants her to start a franchise right now, among all the available coaches who are her top three people she believes are so innovative that she must start with are?

After Mike mansplains a bit listing what he thinks Mina’s answers would be, Mina says it’s clear. She thinks it would be:

  • Andy Reid
  • Kyle Shanahan
  • Sean McVay

Obviously, Reid and Shanahan are the two coaches in the Super Bowl and have been innovative and successful for so long. And as much as Mina likes John Harbaugh, she thinks McVay is her third because she was so impressed with what he did this year and the way that offense has evolved. She says the Rams were a team she didn’t think would be competitive this year, and she thinks McVay deserves a ton of credit for the way he’s navigated hardship and the way he’s onboarded new players. If she’s building from nothing or with huge questions in regards to personnel, she likes what he’s done so far and he has given her confidence that he could replicate the same thing with whatever happens.

Watch the full segment with Mina above for more and check out all of Thursday’s show for everything Dan and the Shipping Container talked about from the world of sports and beyond.

Meanwhile, is it time for an all-time great to split up with their current team?...


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