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Is the criticism of Dan Campbell’s aggressiveness fair?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the hotly-debated choices made by the Lions head coach in the NFC Championship Game.

At a time of great division in America, The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz was amazed by a development over the weekend: We’re all pro-field goal all of a sudden.

Yes, Dan Campbell did Dan Campbell things on Sunday, being hyper-aggressive and going for it on fourth downs that could have otherwise yielded points in the form of field goals. And he is being CRUSHED for it after falling to the 49ers, 34-31, in the NFC Championship.

For what it’s worth, Campbell has no regrets.

Dan, however, is going the other way on all this field goal love today. He notes that Campbell played the way he has all season, all the while doing the things that Next Gen Stats say had the best probabilities. Dan points out that in plus territory, the Lions went for it on 4th-and-3 or shorter on 20 of 24 times and converted 17 of those 20. They’re good at that! Dan says Campbell wants you to be backpedaling when he’s on offense and you can’t control when Josh Reynolds is going to have a drop.

Stugotz, however, argues there’s a time and a place for everything and you have to go with the feel of the game. And at 24-10, Stugotz argues, you want to give your team a three-score lead. To not go for the field goal in that spot, to not go for the field goal later in the second half, that’s a terrible job by Dan Campbell, Stugotz says.

Dan thinks a lot of people are missing something here. First of all, they’re assuming that the field goals would be made. And just as interestingly, if Campbell kicks the field goal to tie the game late, under what circumstances after that second half did you think the Lions would be able to stop the 49ers? Dan notes that whatever adjustments were made at the half, the rest of the way Detroit couldn’t score and San Francisco couldn’t be stopped. Dan says the decision to run the ball on third down late and then had to use one of their timeouts was one of the biggest coaching mistakes of the entire game by Campbell.

Mike points out, however, that Campbell actually took the three points at the end of the first half, a fact you don’t get to gloss over if you’re making the argument that Campbell was right to eschew the points later on. So Campbell gave you both versions of what you could do, he did go by feel. Mike also says it wasn’t adjustments that turned that game around, it was luck. He points out that three consecutive drives from the Lions went:

  • Josh Reynolds drop
  • Jahmyr Gibbs fumble
  • Josh Reynolds drop

The Niners got lucky too, according to Mike. Not to mention Brandon Aiyuk’s insane circus catch.

And through it all, Campbell knows it’s not going to be easy getting back to this point next year or in the future.

Meanwhile, Dan and the crew took the opportunity on Monday in the aftermath of another Chiefs trip to the Super Bowl to relive the worst sports take ever ...


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