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Is Jim Harbaugh the perfect case study for the axiom, “Winning solves everything?”

Mina Kimes joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss the Chargers finally hiring the now ex-Michigan head coach.

The saga is over: Jim Harbaugh is heading to Los Angeles to become the next head coach of the Chargers.

Mina Kimes joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Thursday to discuss that move and more.

Dan thinks Harbaugh getting this job and all the power with that organization coming off an undefeated National Championship season at Michigan marred by a cheating scandal is an amazing story. The football world could belong to the Harbaughs, with Jim’s brother John leading the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game this weekend.

Mina says Jim is kind of the case study for the old axiom, “Winning solves everything.” Because if he hadn’t won with Michigan there would be such a different narrative today. Mina says Michigan winning the national title has largely led people to barely talk about potential punishments the Wolverines face for the Connor Stalions scandal. If he hadn't won and still took the Chargers job, she thinks that would dominate the conversation. The fact that he’s turned around so many situations that is now the story of his career and Mina thinks we’ll probably see similar success in Los Angeles with the Chargers.

Dan thinks it is unbelievable that Harbaugh got that job and all the power while Bill Belichick seems to be struggling to find a landing spot after being shown the door after over two decades of success in New England. Mina points out that Belichick is coming off two disastrous seasons, one of which was largely his doing through decisions he made with regard to his coaching staff. So that’s fresh in everyone’s mind. Harbaugh is coming off turning a program around and winning a title. Mina says it’s a “What have you done for me lately” league, so she’s not surprised at this turn of events. Mina also points out that Harbaugh has been very good at identifying coaching talent underneath him. So Mina thinks an owner sees that and thinks that Harbaugh is good at hiring his staff. Belichick on the other hand? Not so much.

Mike points out that Harbaugh has had success everywhere he’s going — be it in college or the pros, although not without some bumps in the road. But one change Mike has noticed as that while at Michigan, Harbaugh began leaning into some ... eccentricities ... and has a reputation as something of a goofball. Will that Jim Harbaugh play in the NFL? Not so fast, my friend! Mina says Harbaugh was a stone-cold weirdo in the NFL too! No revisionist history on her watch! She says Jim Harbaugh is an authentically strange human being and has always been that with so many examples available from his time with the 49ers. Not to mention his weird beefs, which Mina thinks should lead to some interesting postgame interactions with Sean Payton. Mina says Harbaugh is probably the strangest coach we’ve got and she’s so glad he’s back in the NFL because of that. She doesn’t want the anodyne, pretty-boy coaches in the mold of Sean McVay. Give her a guy who makes weird allusions to history stuff that doesn't make any sense, looks like he’s about to have an aneurysm every time a ref makes a mistake and tucks every piece of his clothing into his khakis.

Welcome back to the NFL, you beautiful, brilliant weirdo!

Meanwhile, despite any claims to the contrary from Giannis, the Bucks’ dance (tweeted out by the Bucks’ social account NO LESS) seems to betray the players’ true feelings about the end of the Adrian Griffin era in Milwaukee ...


GBF: “It’s Not On You, It’s In You”

  • Mike Golic gets us ready for Conference Championship weekend and makes it clear that Stugotz and Billy can’t tag along during Super Bowl Week. (24:10) Cam Newton and Billy bond over fashion as Cam helps Billy out with his outfit for a daddy/daughter dance. (42:19) Gordie, Carl, K-Funk, Jesse and Chris make some picks and Gordie invites the guys to Gronk Beach.

Local Hour: Go Kick Rocks

  • Vic Fangio is taking his fangs to the City of Brotherly Shove, leading to a debate of how much impact he actually had and how Mike McDaniel will replace him. More importantly, how should Jevon Holland’s instagram video of himself literally kicking rocks be interpeted? Is this phrase making a comeback? How old is it? After coming up with as many aphorisms as they can, Dan wonders about the fad counteracting the phrase ‘where the sun don’t shine’, confusing and horrifying Lucy with his intrusive thought explanations. Despite the Terry Rozier trade, Mike Ryan thinks the Heat still need to get better. Peter King breaks down Billy’s dish washing technique and the Sports Illustrated situation.

The Big Suey: Detailed Liars

  • Luis reveals something about Tony that no one thought would ever see the light of day, especially before Tony’s big live stream event. Dan wants to take Radio Row by force from Jim Rome and Mad Dog during the Super Bowl. Thursday Thunder for Conference Championship weekend in the JuJu Gotti non loser era. Amin and Charlotte join the program to discuss the obfuscation and detailed lying coming out of the Milwaukee Bucks organization after their coaching change. Adnan and Samson’s periphrastic Top 5 Oscar Nomination reactions are railroaded by the new Roadhouse trailer.

Hour 1: Dan Le Batard’s Worst Day

  • Amin finally watched Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1 while he was on a plane and launches a conversation about Tom Cruise movies. Stugotz thinks flying is the most dangerous of games. Dan goes to the penalty box after what he dubbed his worst day on the show. Lucy got backlash after criticizing Iowa governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa gun response, inciting a thought-provoking show discussion. In an effort to lighten spirits, attention turns towards Brock Purdy and the Conference Championships this weekend and introducing Lucy’s ‘Iowa Correspondent’ imaging.

Hour 2: Harbaugh A Charger Amid Cheating Charges

  • Dan Campbell quotes and Rage Against the Machine are a match made in heaven. Keep your eyes and ears open for NFL tomfoolery to slide the Chiefs into another Super Bowl. Mina Kimes joins the show to discuss Conference Championship weekend, Jim Harbaugh being hired by the Chargers and Bill Belichick’s coaching prospects, but most importantly Dave Canales’ neck length.

Postgame Show: Udonis Haslem Calls Out Dan

  • Dan wants to respond to Udonis Haslem’s comments, but gets distracted by Lionel Messi, Stugotz breaking another promise and Lucy checkmating him into answering a question.


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