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Was the Bills’ fake punt an attempt to win or an attempt to make a moment?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discuss the Bills’ latest crushing loss and questionable call.

The Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs is in the books and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had plenty to talk about in the Bills-Chiefs game.

In another entry in this burgeoning rivalry, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs once again sent Josh Allen and the Bills into the offseason.

In the fourth quarter, Josh Allen made a throw that would have been remembered in Buffalo forever, the type of throw that dethrones a champion, but after a Stefon Diggs drop instead all Buffalo has now is a new Scott Norwood, a new kicker who missed a crucial field goal.

Dan feels for Buffalo, a city that seemingly never wins anything and has such regional pride. The Bills are the best thing they’ve got — and in Stugotz’s words, the only thing they’ve got. Dan says even though they’ve been laughed at, and maybe really because of it, the Bills are the source of the most regional pride and this quarterback gave them hope again. He makes the throw of his life and the whole season falls apart because of a drop. And the biggest surprise of them all? Billy Gil, of all people, was apparently rooting for the Bills. What a time to be alive.

Dan says he can’t imagine how badly Bills fans will feel for a month, as this is a loss isn’t going away anytime soon. He says they’re going to have a pit in their stomach that feels like actual grief. After all, a crying Bills fan did go viral on Sunday night.

Stugotz, however, has some medicine for ailing Bills fans: BILL BELICHICK! Or perhaps should we call him Bill(s) Belichick. Stu gonna Stu.

Jessica says the Diggs performance was bad, the missed field goal was bad, but what about that fake punt? That was EGREGIOUS!

Mike can’t believe that the Bills did that with Damar Hamlin. Stugotz points out that if you’re going to go for it, go for it with your All-World quarterback. Mike notes that the Bills may have been compelled to go for it there because the Chiefs only had 10 men on the field. But still, why? Chris points out that if it had worked people would have called it the greatest play in the history of football. But it SUPER didn’t, even when considering that a fumble through the end zone kept the Chiefs from running up the score a bit.

Chris says if it had worked it would have been an ESPY contender for Play of the Year. Jessica, however, says the Bills doing a fake punt in that situation, even with the mismatch, was a really risky place to go for on 4th-and-5 deep in your own territory.

Chris wonders if the Bills chose Hamlin for the carry because he was the best man for the job or because they were going for THE MOMENT. Billy says that’s why the Bills should fire Sean McDermott — you’re playing for a Super Bowl, not an ESPY, Bills says. And McDermott was playing for an ESPY in that moment.

Meanwhile, Dan and the gang also discussed Brock Purdy and the 49ers after their hard-fought Divisional Round win over the Packers ...


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