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Is Bill Belichick ready to dominate another division in the doldrums?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz takes a spin on the coaching carousel and where the Hall of Fame-bound coach might land.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz took a spin on the coaching carousel on Friday and of course, the name Bill Belichick came up.

Mike points out that there should be a good number of quarterbacks available this offseason, along with a really good QB class coming in, which is what makes Belichick to the Falcons all the more likely, as finding a QB for a team that seems to be just a QB away not the huge hurdle some are making it out to be. Indeed, it appears the Falcons have tapped Belichick as their top candidate for their open head coaching position.

Mike thinks Belichick is considering things like division, front office and ownership when considering his next destination as opposed to quarterback, which Mike says can be figured out. Chris also suggests Bill wants to get away from the narrative that his success is all tied to good QBs. Chris says if he goes to the Chargers and wins people will just say he did it again with another good quarterback. There could be a part of him that wants to bring his own guy and go against the narrative that so much of his success was due to Tom Brady.

Mike reasserts that Atlanta is such a good spot for the hoodie. He says everyone points to Justin Herbert and says what a good situation that is with the Chargers, but in reality, the team is old with a bad cap situation and an ownership group that isn’t great. In contrast, Mike points out that Atlanta has good pieces on defense, an all-World cornerback, a great young running back in Bijan Robinson and talent at the skills positions that was all really frustrated under the last regime.

Stugotz says the biggest positive Atlanta has going for it is its division. It’s a bad division and Mike points out that if anyone knows what it’s like to play in a bad division and capitalize on it it’s Bill Belichick. He, in part, built his whole dynasty on that principle alone.

Chris points out that his last few years in New England Belichick has lacked skill guys, although Mike is quick to note that is largely of Belichick’s own doing. With, Atlanta those skill guys are very attractive. Stugotz, meanwhile, says with Atlanta, Belichick trusts the owner, trusts the front office and trusts himself to be able to fix that roster and be able to beat three other teams in that division which are lousy. Mike says if he had pick, Madden franchise mode, he would pick Atlanta.

But Stugotz asks: What if Kansas City suddenly needed a coach? He says if you think there’s a chance Andy Reid will retire after the season, isn’t it worth waiting around to see if that job becomes open? As Chris points out, if you’re Belichick and you have the leverage, why wouldn’t you wait a couple of weeks?

Stugotz may be starting some speculation, and Jessica and Mike say some of the crew may be overthinking things just a little bit. But as Chris says, if you’re Belichick and you know that the Atlanta job is yours if you want it, why wouldn’t you say you’ll give them your answer in a week and half? If Belichick takes the Atlanta job and three weeks later Reid steps down, Chris says you know Belichick will be kicking himself. Who could have seen this coming? Other than Stugotz, of course.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Tache is just out here channeling his inner Beyoncé to come up with a BANGER about the Bills ...


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