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Have the Chiefs figured some things out?

Mina Kimes joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss where the Chiefs stand heading into their matchup with Bills as well as Baker Mayfield’s growth.

It’s Thursday and you know what that means — Mina Kimes on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz! And this time actually with Stugotz!

Immediately, Stugotz shared his disappointment in Mina’s close-up hot take that the Kansas City Chiefs are going to make the AFC Championship game ... where they’ve been each of the past five seasons. Mina defends her take, however, noting it seemed much hotter two weeks ago when she gave it. Back then it was a little bit more ... caliente, as Mina puts it.

Mike notes that the line is very respectful of the Chiefs — they’re currently 2.5-point road underdogs against the Bills on DraftKings Sportsbook. But have they really figured things out, Mike asks? He says it’s hard to judge after last week’s Ice Bowl against the Dolphins. So, are they figuring things out, Mina?

She says the Chiefs have figured out some things out, which is why she was high on them at the time of her take. She points out the Chiefs’ defense has been good for the entire season, which is why she’s continued to hold out hope for K.C. The defense is young, super aggressive and super well-coached. She really like the defense. The question, somewhat surprisingly, is the offense. It was around the time they played Buffalo previously that Mina feels they finally settled on the right formula — throw the ball to Rashee Rice. A LOT. Pretty much all the time, with the occasional throw to Travis Kelce here and there.

Mike says what has scared him the most is that even as they were feeding Rice the results still weren’t there, citing the team’s loss to the Raiders. Also, what is he to do with the clear decline in form from Travis Kelce? Forgive us, Swifties and pay no mind to Stugotz worrying about Kelce’s lack of “focus.” It’s what some fans are saying and he’s just looking out for a friend.

Mina concedes that Kelce is not playing to the level that he did last year, but notes that his position and the nature of what he does with Patrick Mahomes allows for him to still have some drives where he and his Mahomie still can find that mental connection and make magic. As for Rice, yes he has been coming online for a while, but Mina says the way the Chiefs have used him has evolved — as evidenced by him KILLING Miami last week on crossers, which is something they didn’t really do earlier in the season.

Moving on, Mike is happy for both Lions fans and Baker Mayfield stans who have stood by him all these years. Despite the last couple of weeks looking worrisome amid injuries, Mike wants to know if Baker is finally settling in and making the most of his promise? Does he, in fact, have ... THE GOODS?

Mina says she thinks Baker is good, but doesn’t think he’s at the level of several of the quarterbacks in the playoffs. Right now, Baker is playing well enough so that, provided that complimentary football is being played, the Buccaneers can win and beat a defense like the Eagles. She feels like his performance has been a continuation of what we saw a lot this season. Baker was not perfect and inconsistent at times, but he improved in ways that feel sustainable and are things he didn’t do earlier in his career. Specifically, she points to sack avoidance and his success on quick passes. She says regardless of what happens against the Lions, he’ll likely stick around in Tampa.

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