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Could immunity help keep Jim Harbaugh at Michigan?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses rumors of Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan contract demands.

Even amid reports of Jim Harbaugh interviewing with NFL teams, rumors suggest he is still engaged with Michigan to remain with the Wolverines. And some of his requests for a potential deal are telling.

On Wednesday’s Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Dan said he thinks Harbaugh’s demands are a great detail. Heck, Mike Golic Jr. said on GoJo and Golic that he loved it for Harbaugh. Meanwhile, Mike isn’t so sure that going to the NFL would protect Harbaugh from punishment, citing Jim Tressel as having set a punishment precedent, although Jessica notes that reporters have backed off the concept a bit recently.

Dan says he assumed when these details leaked out that Harbaugh, up for some of the same jobs as Bill Belichick, was using the possibility of returning to Michigan as leverage. Dan thinks Harbaugh is going to use the most leverage a Michigan coach has ever had because he won’t be stained no matter what the investigation outcome and the university won’t want him to leave.

Mike says he would call bluff if he were Michigan as Harbaugh has actively been trying to get back to the NFL for the past three years, with the league collectively saying, “No thanks.” Meanwhile, Billy says he would give Harbaugh what he wants as he just delivered a National Championship. Mike points out that if Rutgers doesn’t miss a field goal, Harbaugh might have been fired a few years ago, while Jessica points out that Michigan might have some of its own self-interest to consider where Harbaugh could be disciplined in a way that affects his ability to coach at the collegiate level.

Meanwhile, Connor Stalions is on Cameo guys! And he’s out there trolling Ohio State. He’s a Michigan Man to his core!

Elsewhere in the state, Jemele Hill joined the show to talk about what the Lions’ success means for the city of Detroit ...


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