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Can the Dolphins win with Tua?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz uses Jalen Hurts and the situation in Philly as a comparison when it comes to whether the Dolphins should pay Tua the big bucks.

The Dolphins went ice cold over the weekend as their season ended in a frigid Kansas City. How long has it been since the Dolphins have won a playoff game? Let The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz give you an idea ...

So what now becomes of Tua Tagovailoa, who is entering the final year of his contract. Will he factor into the long-term plans in Miami? Tua told the media after the game that he was not worried about that.

Dan points out that quarterback evaluation has always been tough and now it seems to have gotten harder to determine what you should pay the guys who may fall into the realm of the dreaded “system quarterback.” Especially when he sees Jalen Hurts and the Eagles collapse after Hurts signed a big money deal in Philly when the team was healthy and flying high. Now? Well, his coach is on the hot seat and the deal looks less like a slam dunk.

Dan points out that everyone would have argued that Tua was the better QB in college, but Hurts wound up in a near-perfect situation in Philadelphia with the right system and got paid. So now Dan sees Tua finally in the right system for his skillset and he doesn’t know how to judge him, especially since it’s not really fair to judge him off the KC game given the extreme temperatures.

Tony points out that most of the country outside of Miami is cold, but Dan while agreeing says you need a quarterback who can win WHEREVER. The reason people think KC has a chance going into Buffalo this weekend is because people believe in Patrick Mahomes.

Greg Cote says a lot of depends on what type of quarterback you want. He says Hurts is better than Tua if you factor in the all-around game, as Hurts is a true dual threat. Tua, meanwhile, does not add anything to your run game. So, by that measure, Greg says he would rather have Hurts, even though as a pure passer Tua is a better quarterback.

Tony says when the pocket breaks down for Tua he doesn’t have the ability to go to a second read or extend the play with his legs the way that Hurts can. Tua just can’t play in a muddy pocket, according to Tony.

Mike wants to take a victory lap for claiming that given how basic what the Eagles offense ran, eventually, the league would catch up with them. He says the situation in Philly is a DISASTER! The league caught up to them in a season and a half. However, Dan doesn't want to discount the impact of A.J. Brown. Jalen Hurts, Dan says, got paid when Brown arrived. A.J. Brown changed everything in how we value Hurts, Dan says. Stugotz. however, doesn’t quite understand what we’re doing here — it was less than a year ago that Hurts outplayed Mahomes in the SUPER BOWL!

Dan wants to remind everyone, though, that our analysis gets real lousy when we make it about the quarterbacks when it comes to winning and losing and forget about things like what was happening to Philly and Miami with their injuries. No one, he says, collapsed harder than the Dolphins, except for maybe the Eagles.

Meanwhile, Stugotz and Greg Cote collab to rank the remaining quarterbacks by how much pressure is on them ...


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