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Is it time for a Patrick Mahomes legacy game?

On Friday’s The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Tony challenged Patrick Mahomes while delivering his Top 5 in an ice bath.

Super Wild Card Weekend is almost upon us, and baby, it’s going to be cold outside. Especially in Kansas City for the Dolphins-Chiefs showdown on Saturday night.

Earlier this week on the Underdogs podcast, Peter Keating and Jordan Brenner explained why you shouldn't automatically be following conventional wisdom when it comes to the over/under or the warm weather road team going into the cold, and during his Top 5 on Friday’s The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz had a challenge for Patrick Mahomes — go out and have a legacy game!

It should be noted, that Tony delivered his Top 5 in an ice bath. Was it in solidarity with the Dolphins as they prepare to face the big chill in KC? Um ... not really. It was a punishment from Dan. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story!

After taking shots from Stugotz, via Billy, threatening the Shipping Container, predicting a Belichick-Cousins team up in Atlanta, eying a potential Joe Flacco revenge game in Baltimore, discussing the poetic justice of Matt Stafford breaking the Lions after years of them breaking his body and putting the Eagles on upset alert, at No. 1 Tony called out Patrick Mahomes and challenged him to step it up on Saturday.

Tony says it’s been too long that Mahomes has had everything laid out for him — great, receivers, great coaches, homefield advantage. Guess what? The legacy is on the line this weekend in -30 temps with WRs that aren’t that great, a potentially over-the-hill Travis Kelce and a not so great Matt Nagy. Go out and do what you’re paid to do and win this game, Mahomie! Forget about the Super Bowl wins, be the best QB in the NFL, right now! Throw that cinder block!

Also, what must passersby have been thinking watching Tony do all this in the ice bath looking like that dude in the vase from earlier this week.


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