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Is it both not a surprise and shocking that Bill Belichick is out in New England?

Bob Ryan joins The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss the end of the Bill Belichick era in New England.

It was one of those things you didn’t believe until it actually happened, but the Bill Belichick era is over in New England.

Legendary Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss Belichick parting ways with the Patriots.

The feeling that a breakup between the Pats and the hoodie was imminent has been swirling for a while now, but Dan asks if something can be both not a surprise and shocking at the same time. Bob says Belichick’s future with the Patriots has been the No. 1 parlor game in Boston sports all fall as the team has struggled. Forget about the surging Celtics or sucky Sox, people want to talk about Belichick. Bob says Bostonians are not shocked, but glad to finally have a resolution.

Dan says shocked because if Belichick, one of the greatest coaches of all time, isn’t immune from a couple of bad seasons ending their run at a place who is? Bob says it’s a good question, although he doesn’t really think it’s that simple. Bob says one of things at play is the duality of the job Belichick was doing. Bob says the general belief is that his coaching is still good enough it’s that his performance as a general manager has been lacking and done him in. Belichick the GM has sabotaged Belichick the coach. Bob says Belichick can’t run away from the disaster that was the offensive coordinator decision of 2022.

Dan wants to know about the power dynamics and the ego at work here, such as when Belichick and Brady break up with each looking for credit for the Patriots dynasty and Bob Kraft looking for his flowers as well and how that led to the Belichick-Pats split. Bob notes that the breakup with Brady began long before Brady left the Patriots in 2020. Bob says he believes the turning point was actually when Belichick was forced by Kraft to trade Jimmy Garoppolo. Bob also points to an interview Brady had with Jim Gray where he pled the fifth on whether he got the credit he deserved in New England. So there was trouble in paradise, according to Bob, as far back as 2016.

But what about Kraft? Bob doesn’t think this split rises to the level of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. Bob points out that Kraft wants to be loved and, like Ted Williams, wants to be able to walk down the street and have people say there goes the greatest owner who ever lived.

Dan doesn’t think Patriots fans understand how spoiled they have been and how bad this is about to get, as the Patriots before Belichick were a laughingstock. Bob says that is predictable of any fanbase and not just endemic to New England sports fans. It is true that a generation of Boston sports fans, unlike previous generations, know nothing but success and are now being introduced to the true reality of sports fandom.

If Bob was writing a column about the news of the day what would be the angle he would take? Bob says he would examine the idea that Boston has had two legendary coaches forever paired with generational talents without whom their success would not exist, of course drawing parallels between Belichick-Brady and Red Auerbach-Bill Russell.

Dan wants to know if Belichick is hurt today. Bob says that is a great question, but thinks he is so supremely arrogant that he will find a way to spin this into a positive and turn it into fuel for his next gig. Because Bob says Bill is not ready to quit, he loves what he does so much and feels he is as good at it as anybody who has ever done it. Bob says Belichick is going to be on a revenge tour wherever he lands next.

Meanwhile, Belichick wasn’t the only coaching legend to shake things up in the last 24 hours ...


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