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Darko Rajaković had an all-time ref rant, but is it even the best in Raptors history?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses an all-time postgame presser involving the Raptors coach on Tuesday night.

Raptors coach Darko Rajaković was NOT happy with the referees after Tuesday night’s game vs. the Lakers and he wasn’t afraid to voice his displeasure.

Amin Elhassan from Oddball joined The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to discuss this all-time referee rant.

Stugotz points out, as Mike Golic Jr. did this morning on GoJo and Golic, that it’s hard to say that Scottie Barnes is going to be a face of the league if you have to look down at your notes to remember his last name. C’mon coach! Although, as Amin points out, the courtesy Darko showed was nice. Indeed, thank you, Doug. Dan says Darko was filled with poison and displayed so MANY rage faces during the press conference.

But is it even the best in Raptors history? Who could forget Fred VanVleet’s stellar performance last year?

Dan points out that FVV’s rant was done in a different way, with more cursing but somehow less rage.

Amin says Fred was concise, calm and surgical. He did it super cool. The Darko rant was what Amin calls “Euro Coach Energy.” In Europe, Amin says they don’t employ the euphemisms American coaches use. In Europe, they just go nuts like Darko did. It brought Amin back to another time when he was scouting a lot of European basketball. He hit EVERY NOTE, Amin says. And he finished it off by having to look down to remember his star player’s name. Chef’s kiss.

But Tony makes a great point — would Darko’s rant have been even BETTER if he had a cigarette in his hand? Stugotz, however, says getting your point across without getting your heartbeat up, with your arms folded, like FVV did is assassin-like. To him, that’s the better rant. Meanwhile, Stu points out that the common denominator in these two games? Ben Taylor was officiating.

“Maybe he just hates Canada.” Maybe, Amin. Maybe.

Meanwhile, Coach Spo got PAID ...


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