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Is Michigan a true champion?

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz discusses the Wolverines and the National Championship.

Despite all the controversy, Connor Stalions talk and CFP consternation, Michigan defeated Washington, 34-13, on Monday night to win the program’s first national title since 1997.

And on Tuesday’s edition of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, Dan wanted to do just one thing — declare GEORGIA the national champion! Yes, you read that right. Dan says he wanted to go the whole day without a comment of any kind on the National Championship Game, as if the title had already been vacated. That way, he says, Michigan doesn’t get its feel-good moment, doesn’t get anything. By the way, Dan said all of this with an image of Georgia celebrating on the screen behind him.

However, the sound Mike made when Dan discussed his plan was like “awwww,” because Mike so desperately wanted to talk about everything that happened on Monday night. So, Dan was denied the show he wanted to do. Mike says it was the National Championship Game! With two great teams and that was interesting for most of the game! Mike says that Michigan certainly won in the trenches, but going into the game Washington had the No. 1 offensive line in college football and you would think they would be up to the challenge. But over time, Mike says you could see Michael Penix Jr., who has been banged up all year, holding his side in the second half. Dan says Penix has been great this season, but didn’t look like the same player on Monday night and yes the Michigan defense had something to do with that but not to the extent that it should have led to some of the bad throws Penix unleashed.

Stugotz notes that Michigan got a lot of pressure on Penix, especially when compared to Texas who did not. Mike says Michigan was very clearly the best team in the nation. Yes, in a one-game sample Georgia is as good as anyone, Mike concedes, which leads Dan to make his argument that this is a bad measurement system and we can make the champion whoever we want. Dan points out that Georgia lost to Alabama on a bounce that doesn’t tell you that Alabama is actually better. But as Stugotz points out, Alabama won the game and Mike says that the game is all we’ve got. But Dan says college football is now about the argument and not the measurement.

Billy points out that no one is happy with anything. We weren’t happy before the CFP, we aren’t happy with the four-team format. Maybe we should just go back to giving it to whoever we like. Hey, as Mike points out, how about we let bowl games invite whoever they like and then we vote on who we want to be champion? Maybe we could get a formula together and use a computer? Just spitballin’ here. No one will have a problem, surely! The point is clear: We’ve tried everything!

Getting back to Michigan, Mike says Harbaugh bet on himself and won. Whether it be going to Michigan from the NFL or surviving a close call with being fired just a couple of years ago, Mike says Michigan finally finished the story on Monday night. And they do it by playing what Mike calls “big boy football,” doing it on both sides of the line and taking it to the No. 1 offensive line in college football. Michigan, who at one time was a juggernaut and had become a punchline, went all in on Jim Harbaugh and the bet paid off. Even if it wasn’t without its hurdles or tribulations and it’s weird for Mike that Dan didn’t want to talk about it at all. This, he says, is one of the great college football stories of our lifetime! And Dan doesn't care about it?

But Dan says it’s not that he doesn’t care about it, of course, he loves the storytelling aspects of it. But he says they’ve contaminated what he’s watching so much that he knows the measurement is super flawed. The cheating scandal, for Dan, makes it so that Harbaugh gets his successful story and his championship even if some of this stuff is super random. He was, as Mike pointed out, a step away from being fired not that long ago. He is a good coach, but this all has shown that you can do the worst of things in this sport and go undefeated.

But Stugotz has a message for Harbaugh: Do it without cheating. And all this talk about adversity? All self inflicted. Stugotz pointed out the Wolverines had to climb over their coach cheating and being suspended! All of it, Mike points out, reinforces what feels like an inevitably — Harbaugh getting out of the college game as suggests that everyone take pay cuts on the way out the door. But, Mike says, this was a worth national championship and everything everyone could have wanted. Except Dan. Who wanted Georgia.

Meanwhile, some great video came about about the Rams NAILING the selection of Puka Nacua ...


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